Monday, June 16, 2008

Work in Progress

Last December I started a new canvas in bright Stewart Gill paints. I added texture with masks and Golden's Light Molding Paste. Here is the beginning:

Added a little more:

Added an image that I am Obsessed with right now:
This is rough, rough, rough, lots and lots of layers to be added. This image is gel mediumed to the canvas. I'm not using transfers this time. I'm going to start with several layers of semi gloss gel medium over the image, then move on to several acrylic washes over the whole canvas. I'm envisioning lots of textures, words, and bits of this and that stuck here and there. I haven't decided what will dangle off her finger on this canvas.

Another use of this same image on a smaller canvas board:
This is not a transfer. I gel mediumed the image down to painted canvas background. Dry brushed gesso over entire image and used watercolor and chalk pencils to highlight over Portfolio water soluable Oil Crayons. This canvas is going to have more paint and stamp embellishing, here is just the beginning.
Off to the studio/spareroom/kitty litter room.......

The Bride and The Book

Here is the bride, my sister Linda, with my book from the previous post. Hope she remembered to take it with her to the Amalfi Coast, and to bring me back lots of paper from Italy. And here I am with my daughter.

May we all live happily ever after!!!