Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Day After Christmas My Muse Came To Me

The day after Christmas I finished several and created several new ATC's. The first one you've seen the background already, but now it's complete with the words.
Treachery and Violence:

The next is a VERY non perfect attempt at doing a transfer with alcohol spray and an inkjet image printed on Apollo Transparency 7039. Yes, this was before I ACCEPTED that this technique would not work on top of acrylic paint. I KNEW this, you see, but I hadn't yet ACCEPTED that fact. teehee. Remember my definition of insanity??? go back a few posts. Read. Learn. Do Not Make Same Mistake. teehee. So the transfer is patchy, but I like that the image looks ancient, therefore the title, Always and Forever:

I used some old scrapbooking border stickers and gold embossing powder also. Substrate is a vintage page of Wuthering Heights mounted on a baseball card.

The next is kind of quirky, but I bet you have felt this way too. I was inspired by an experience I had the Wednesday before Christmas. I was driving out of the parking lot of the grocery store, having just picked up the fruit tart for Christmas Eve. I stopped at the crosswalk in front of the store. Looked both ways. No one coming either way. I proceeded to drive. A man steps out between 2 cars that were parked farther down in front of the grocery store, NoWhere near the crosswalk. He starts yelling at me, There's a stop sign, Your supposed to Stop, over and over. And I mean Red in the Face, scarey yelling. Yes, I almost hit him. I didn't see his Stupid Ass. I drove away stunned at my close call and stunned at his bizarre reaction. Every year I remind myself that there are A LOT of people who don't usually Leave Thier House that Have To during the holidays and that these people Speak and Drive. We must be on HIGH ALERT in case we Encounter one of these Aliens.

Here is "Species":

That one was fun. The next is a set using the "Hot Topic" Rubber Half Sheet I purchased from Michelle Ward. I used scrapbook paper over baseball card substrate, gold embossing powder and vintage words from Wuthering Heights. That book is so perfectly written, such emotional words within it's Genius. One of my favorite books of all time.

"Crown of Wishes":

The face is from my Medieval Workshop. I then did an alcohol transfer from an inkjet image printed on an Apollo 7039 transparency. I ADORE this rubber set. Get used to seeing A Lot of it. teehee. I can't wait to participate in Michelle's monthly Creativity Crusades, starting again in January. The next ATC uses the same materials and techniques.

"See Through":

Boy, I'm really proud of these, if I do say so myself! I think they are among my all time favs. The last uses the words cut from a vintage book, and the wisdom of none other than Professor Dumbledore of Harry Potter. Again, same materials and techniques used.

"Do Not Dwell In Dreams":
And in Homage to the Enormous Amounts of Snow we had here and to paraphrase Buddy Guy's song "Stone Crazy" is the last ATC, "Where The Weather Suits My Clothes" :

I'm glad the muse struck yesterday, cuz today a sore throat and earache struck!! At least it waited till after Christmas! off to take Tylenol and Gargle. xoSusan

Christmas 2009 Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I had a lovely time this year. My sister Deb hosted a great party. If I could figure out how to get my pics from my iphone to my computer, I'd share a few!! Instead you will have to make do with my humble abode Christmas day:
Da Tree with Sams Wrapped up Loot

Sam (soon to be 16) after opening her stocking:
Her most favoritist presents:

We interrupt this Moment With My Version of Teenager's Parent Smelling Salts:

Sam at 10 with her American Girl doll, Samantha. Wait, do you Hear that Music?? "The Way We Were, Can it Be That Things Were Oh So Simple Then? Or Has Time Rewritten Every Line"????? okay, I'm better, now. teehee. Seriously, I'm not worried. Marilyn Manson is a musical and a lyrical Genius IMHO. So It's All Good. His Images are just so Provocative. His Art is Amazing. Don't Hate till you check it out. If you Hate then, that's okay, cuz at least you got the facts first. moving on now.....

Does my family know me or what???

That's Buddy Guy and Deb Callahan CD's and a Blues Music Compilation. And how Funny is this bottle of Wine?

Um, Yes I am the middle sister and Yes, I have (okay had) red hair!! Thanks Deb!!

Now Check out all this Christmas Love I got from my blog friends:
Cards from back row: Kathy No Blog, teehee, BFF Grace, Cyndy, Terri, Joy, check out her cool penmanship on the card, love that! She also enclosed some fun papers in her card, Thanks Girl!!From the front row: Diane, a handmade tag from Robin, card from Kim and 2 of Kims handmade cards I've been coveting on her etsy site!!! Thank you one and all for the blessing of your friendship, humor, support and inspiration in both Life and Art!!! Much love back at you!!

My friend Kathy sent these wonderful, sassy handmade cards with her loverly card:

Aren't they so clever???? The cards and envelopes are so perfectly cut and folded, brilliantly executed. Thank you so much, Kathy, they Rock!!! Love, the friend that sends you stuff with glue blobs on it. teehee.

I thought I would share my birthday present from my BFF, Grace. These are the coolest earrings ever:
So that is my Christmas 2009 Wrap up. Here's hoping that in 2010, We All Win The Special Prize!!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Comic Book Frame

Joe's frame is finished. I like the distressed look, but do wish the transfers came out a little sharper. I want to control the Grunge not be at Grunge's mercy. Can you feel me?? Here it is:

That's Joe, my mom, my sister Deb, and my sister Linda. Seated in front is Joe's wife, Erin. I used these rubber stamps to pimp up the alcohol transfers from transparency transferred onto the canvas frame:
I am in love with this stamp, I wish it came in half this size for ATC use. Anybody know of one similiar? Here is the back. After I took this pic, I painted that white portion under the flap:
The final Christmas present completed during the blizzard. Feels good to have it done and be relatively pleased with it, freaky perfectionism aside. teehee. Next week will be nutty for shopping since Sat and Sun were too snowy to venture out. I have to go to the grocery store and the book store besides work of course.Unless of course we get another blizzard. xoSusan

Welcome To My Nightmare or Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

I took this pic looking out from my front door. Out in the street on the right is Sam. We got about 2 feet of snow. I have to drive to work tomorrow. Wish me luck. xoSusan

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Final Touches

I finished adding beads to the wine charms. From this project I have discovered that I have no talent at anything to do with beads, jewelry making, or DG3. I need to stick with paper!! You should see my jump rings. They are not round, they are weirdly mashed. teehee. Anyway, here are the finished charms:

I also made some refrigerator magnets for my friend Erin, who gave me this box of beads a LONG time ago. I didn't purchase any beads for this project. I'm am in love with the philosophy of using what I have, even if it's not the perfect choice. Ironically, most of the time it is!

I have been saving business cards that come attached to thin magnets. I rip off most of the business card and use a circle punch and double stick tape to adhere it to the bottle cap.
Erin is a glitter whore like me so I know she will get a kick out of these. I also made a set for my two nieces, one who is brunette and one who is blonde. I originally made 3 each but one of the brunette ones bubbled terribly. When this project is done, I am probably going to hang up my DG3 and call it a day.

Here is the charm presentation:

Hope all of your holiday celebrations and preparations are going well. I still didn't finish my nephews frame, darn it....and about the whole Not Smoking thing..... Well, I relapsed most shamefully. I have had a painful personal experience knock me for a loop. Good thing for friends, family and Art to help me keep my faith in humanity.......xoSusan

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mixed Bag

Spinning Planets:

My handmade paste paper, stamping, Purell transfer from transparency on top of vintage cabinet card image.

Duty and Desire:

Loneliness and Lust:
Both ATC's use Michelle Ward's Rubber Stamp Sheet "Hot Topic" :

Michelle was generous enough to donate the proceeds from the sale of this half sheet of rubber as a fundraiser for blogger and Artist, Paula, who lost her home in a fire. Paula's blog is forCryEye and she is talented and hilarious. If you don't believe me check out her Happy Thanksgiving Justin Timberlake Style post. Pee first. You've been warned. I have 3 ATC's using these stamps in the works that are not ready to be unveiled yet. I'm thinking by Sunday, latest, they'll be ready for show and tell. That is, as long as my gifts are done. Then I'm allowed to play. But only after my chores are done. teehee. xoSusan

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stars in My ATC's

Imaginary Adventures:

Transparancy over gesso stamped background. Acrylics, stamping and chalk pencils.

Emotional Bleeder:
Purell/transparency transfer over scrapbook paper, alcohol ink drips, portfolio water based oil pastels, chalk pencils, dymo words. Right now, I can relate to this one especially. Gee, think that's why I made it??? xoSusan

Christmas Cards

Had to take some vacation time before I lost it, so I'm off until Monday! Looking forward to wrapping, mailing Christmas Cards, and finishing up the presents for my family. Throw in an upcoming Blues concert and viewing the newly released on DVD, Harry Potter and Star Trek movies and I am one happy vacationer. I have less than 20 cards to make so why did it take all day?? In an effort to make some life changes, one of which is to get organized, I had a carpenter come out today and he is building my kitties a poo poo palace. I have 2 cats and their poo stinks, they don't actually cover it with the litter, they toss the litter out of the box onto the carpet. I have had the litter in bathrooms and in my art room and it's all been a disaster. For the longest time now the litter has been in my beautiful powder room that I worked so hard to decorate. I faux painted the walls, got a new toilet and floor. So this is my not so lovely powder room:
And these are the doors I painted and got those cool twig handles for :
But they are not even attached, thanks to the litter box. So I decided to use this space:
And add this:

The hole was supposed to be smaller and higher up on the wall so the kitties can't kick the litter out. But I went to get a litter box, came back and this is what I found on returning: hole was cut. So I'm going with the flow. Here is how the drawer works:

There will be heavy plastic that hangs from the top and molding all around that I will eventually paint white. I'm not going to let myself regret doing this. Tell me it doesn't look terrible please!!! please!!! It cost very little and will streamline the whole poo thing. I'm looking to simplify!! Tomorrow I will post pics of the finished poo poo palace.
Speaking of Simplifying, since my birthday, Dec. 3, I have NOT SMOKED!!! Think of the money I have saved and the extra time I just bought on this planet!! For some reason this bday triggered a desire for positive change. Quitting cigarettes is VERY VERY HARD. WAAAAAAH. I know, I know, it's worth it. So I'm cleaning the inside and outside. teehee. Streamlining in the house, which will be an ongoing project and taking responsibility for my health. I guess I grew up with this last birthday, dammit. I hate when that happens. teehee. My friend PaulaBeth from Barn Owl Studios sent me a wise and beautiful canvas for my birthday, "Speak Your Truth":

I love it Beth, thank you so very much. xoSusan

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Wouldn't Be So Slutty If.....

There were better things to do!!! Check out this Fantastic ATC created by my friend Kathy from Salt Lake City. Kathy does not blog. But she should. Blog, Kathy, Blog!!!

Is this not the Best ATC Eva??? The garter clip and lace are so original and so clever just like Kathy herself!!! Thank you so much girlfriend!! I love it, it Speaks to me....teehee. xoSusan