Tuesday, June 28, 2011


9x12 Wood Panel.
"She cried because she had considered a liaison with a ludicrous man who collected baseball jackets."
I am in love with collaging 
on a panel versus a stretched canvas. 
I picked up 3 for 40% off at Michael's. Micheal's is on my shit list. 
They do not stock Golden's Varnish.
And I want it NOW.

Stencil courtesy of Stencil Me Brightly.
Thanks for looking. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Orb

The Orb is done.
Except for painting the bottom edge gold.
Also, do I need to varnish this? 

Painted sides gold so no frame required.


And the gratuitous close-up.

 Thanks for looking. 
I never want to see this painting again.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Progress On The Orb

Trying to get "The Orb" finished by 
Father's Day. 
Here's the latest pics:

And it wouldn't be a post from moi, 
if I didn't include a gratuitous closeup:

I'm pleased. 
Now go paint something.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Do we like this pic?

Which one of these pics 

should I use on a bio thingy?
 And here is the latest pic of 
"The Orb". 
Work in Progress. 


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spray Paint is The Shit

I bought some AWESOME stencils on etsy.
The seller is Deidre Wicks and 
her shop is called
egads, these are wonderful quality and 
I am hooked, hooked, hooked.

My favorite palette: 
red, white, turqoise, black. 
Sprayed on Acid free tissue paper. 
The tissue will no longer be sheer after spraying.
The spray paint is opaque. 
I thought I would have a "sheerer" result. 
I love what I got, tho.
Next time I will try acrylic sprays 
and see what happens. 
I am a newbie,
or spray virgin, if you will. 
So this is a learning experience for me. 
I had so much fun. 

I'm going to cover a canvas with this:
(and then add lots of embellishment) 

Sprayed some scrapbook paper:
The eye will be the center piece
for another collage.
Adhered torn pieces to a canvas:

Wrapping the collage around 
to the back of the canvas. 
Started doing that awhile ago.

Love the heart veins in her neck:
I have to get back to this painting or my parents will think I'm a procrastinator:

Yup, my muse just went off in a different direction.....had to listen!
Thank you, Diedre, for enabling my muse and making such a wonderful product! I have 3 more collages in the works!


P.S. Spray paint outside.
Wear a mask over your mouth 
and crappy clothes
cuz the wind blows the paint everywhere.
Also, wear big cheap sunglasses/goggles to protect your glasses/eyes. 
I got paint on my lenses and in my eyes.
Shame on me being an optician and what not. When the muse strikes 
I've been known not to wash or brush
until she leaves, 
but I usually have the sense to take
safety precautions!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shadow Dancer


Horizontal on the amazing adjustable easel:

Plus an Inkjet image printed on an Apollo transparency looks like this:

Plus some Elmer's Caulk, a palette knife and some luck....

Ends up looking like this:

and the gratuitous close-up: 

And again, my wise art friends, how do I get this puppy sold??

PS. Venus Astonished and Shadow Dancer
both have a reoccurring theme. 
It's way deep
and I don't want to get into it now. 
You can probably tell that it has to do with heartbreak, 
I mean Venus is so astonished with this life, she bails!! 
She goes back to where she came from! 
She got hurt, yes, she could survive that,
but what really made her head back to sea was Disappointment!
Constant Disappointment!! 
Hoping, wanting and not getting. 
Being let down, sometimes by people that are not capable of giving her what she needs
so part of the blame is hers! 
Insanity is hoping for a different outcome over and over when the process is exactly the same! 
And Shadow Dancer,
she is there for one reason and one reason only.
To Excite.
Good grief, how sad is that. 
Her body is the only 
important thing about her. 
She is judged by her beauty and weight.
She has no personality,
soul or heart
in the shadows.
She is expected only 
To Excite.
I went off didn't I?
and I didn't really want to get into it.
I think I need a minute. 

Venus Astonished WIP Finally Done


Plus this:

Plus a little of this:

Plus a whole lotta that:

Plus a pinch of this:

Equals this:

And the gratuitous close-up:

This is 16x20. 
How does one set a price for a 
mixed media thingy?
Where do I take it?
Do I walk cold into a local gallery? 
I suppose I could google it.
But I would much rather let my art friends
tell me the 411.

You have 48 hours. 
Then the googling begins.