Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TYPEWHITER- Vintage Book Page Art

New Beginnings!! I've started an etsy site featuring altered Vintage Book Page Art. I have been flirting with these creations for a short while now and am in love with making them. There is something so peaceful about isolating most of the text with paint and leaving just a word or a phrase to interpret in my twisted point of view. Not all of them will be twisted tho. I have seen my sweet side lately and I think I like her.

Please do me the honor of clicking over to etsy and viewing my new creations. There is a link in the sidebar. If you feel compelled to, and I do hope you are compelled, click back over and comment me what you think or convo me on etsy. I would really appreciate any input from YOU, my supportive community of art friends.  I am a virgin when it comes to selling/marketing my work. I am straddling that terrified/excited line. If you have any etsy ideas, or advice, I welcome it whole heartedly. Thank you in advance. You are a bunch of classy dames.

xoTypeWhiter aka xoSusan

PS. For more colorful purchase options, my Broknheart Art is also for sale from the sidebar of this blog.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For the Love Of Layers

Heello Dare.....working on Layer Love Lesson 4 with Julie Prichard. I am having a good ole time. Learning so much. Pretty soon I'm gonna have to stop saying I'm self taught, thanks to Julie, and Misty and Albie and Claudine and Fred and Leighanna and Anne and Dan and many more that I just can't remember due to menopause. teehee.
So here is my palette:

And here is where I deviated from instruction. Before adding the crackle paste, I thought it would be cool to have some sparkle and black flakes showing thru here and there.

Here it is wet.

Here it is dry.

Crackle paste.

Adding Paint.

Yummy crackle detail #1. "Vanity" crackle shot if you will. I couldn't resist, cuz I'm lovin it!!
Another Vanity crackle shot.

And WaLa, the finished background. I ended up flipping it upside down. For details join us over at The Land of Lost Luggage and get your Layer Learn On!!

I think there is just enuf sparkle, don't you?? xoSusan
PS oh crap now that I'm looking at it, do you think I need to get rid of that thick black line in the lower corner??? I like that it's darker and I don't want to loose definition but it does look like a line doesn't it?? comments?? hand holding?? talking me off the ledge???