Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Talented Diane Cook

Artists are a special breed of people.
Diane Cook is one of them. 
I was very fortunate to
 meet Diane on the beginning of 
her artistic journey.
A Texan flying to Art and Soul 2007
held in Hampton Virginia,
met a Jersey Girl driving down to A and S
via the wonderful internet.
The Jersey Girl offered to drive the Texan's tools down to Virginia.
A bond of trust and friendship 
formed via email?
yup, it can happen.
In 2007 we thought it would be difficult to get soldering irons, flux, and assorted
scissors, files, and other sharp objects
through security at the airport.
And that was a big box!
It arrived safely to my home via US POST
and safely to Virgina, via Nissan Rogue!!
And so began our amazing journey 
as artists and friends.
Diane is an amazing jewelry artist.
I have watched her work evolve,
I have seen her jewelry on the cover

Now she is teaching at venues similiar to 
where our friendship began.
This soul sister is charming, witty,
kind, wise, talented and above all,
I COVETED, probably annoyingly,
one of Diane's incredible
Mexican Calendar Girl Necklaces.
Now this busy lady was working full time,
creating in her spare time,
mothering, grandmothering, 
and granddogging!
as well. 
Then she was submitting work to
magazines, getting the COVER, 
traveling with her true love,
teaching, etsying and all
manor of exciting things.
Every once in awhile I would nag her,
in what I hope what was a charming fashion,
for my MCG necklace.
Well, I got a surprise in the mail.
Look at this lovely packaging:

Here is the best closeup my poor 
camera will do. Love the wire wrapping,
awesome beads, and bling in the form 
of glitter and crystals! 
I love this sooooo much!
The necklace is a box chain
and the length is perfect!

More beautiful packaging!

And here is the most
beautiful packaging of all!
Heart and Soul, incarnate.
Generosity, wisdom, humor,
positivity, talent and faith.
This photo was taken by Charlene, of 
"My Hearts Ease" blog.
Please visit her blog to read about her
experience in a class taught by Diane.
Thank you, Charlene,
for the use of this photo.
And thank you, Diane, for 
your gift of friendship,
and for my new most favorite thing,
my Mexican Calendar Girl Necklace!