Monday, December 27, 2010

My True Love Gave To Me: A Vacuum????

My Dad has wised up.
I remember seeing big wrapped boxes for my mom under the tree.
 Having Major Kid Wonder.
A Treasure had to be in a box that big, right? Well, sadly, inside that box with so much
Kid Potential was usually 
An Appliance.
A toaster oven, an iron, a cooking pot,
or a vacuum.
This all too frequent phenomenon is experienced every Christmas by all too many women.
And this must be stopped.
My Christmas card this year was inspired by this horrible trend.
I started with an image from
a wonderful book:
"Men's Adventure Magazines in Post War America".
I used Bernie Berlin's Never-Dull technique,
from my favorite how-to book
"Artist Trading Card Workshop."
That book is the shiznitz.
I neglected to scan the original bad.
 I followed Bernie's instructions and got this:

Too Cool and Way Too Much Fun.
Next the search was on for the perfect vintage image...

This one is good....but not exactly what I had in my mind....too 70's...not old enuf.. this is more like it....but maybe not perfect...

Eureka!! This one is perfect! OOPS!
I meant Hoover!!
This one has great text!
The next steps involve
really FOUL language and
an over indulgence of alcohol.
Trying to teach yourself Photoshop
 is like being on a blind date.
 So many layers to learn, each one more frightening than the last...

This is not exactly what I pictured in my mind. But it can only go up from here.
In Conclusion, this card is dedicated to all women all over the world who
have suffered the agony of opening
a wrapped appliance on Christmas Morn.
And my Mom?
Well, since my Dad wised up
she is sporting her favorite appliance of all!
Diamond Jewelry.
PS. Robin, from A Robin's Nest: I lost your address. Email me! I would like to send you a tardy card!!
Marsha: Thank you for your loverly card! I lost your address also and was having hives and shortness of breath over it. Thank God, you sent me your card, or I do believe I would be hospitalized right now.
Can't Wait To Catch Up.
You are my favorite Maker of Magic.
I told you to stop looking. You never listen to me. I don't know where your card is. It said some REALLY funny stuff in it. I mean like stand up comedian worthy. I hope you get it some day.
Cuz I think I peaked on that card.Love You.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Dick Blick is having a SALE!!!
Discounts and Free Shipping!!
 Boy did I make out!
I have wanted an easel for a very long time.
 My table top one was fine in the beginning, but this is the middle now.....if you get my meaning.....teehee

My dear parents gave me dough for my Bday.
So I got this:

Collapsible Small H-Frame Easel
$76.49 after discount!!!

And I had to get these
to tape watercolor paper to:

These are Masonite Panels.
 I got 11x14 and 20x24.
I hope they last a while.
However they were only $3 for both so
 Who Cares!!

And I've been wanting to try these foreva:

Painting Colors, Set of 10

$28.89 after discount!!!

I had such a good time shopping
 and trying
to stay under my $100 budget.
I stayed very close!!
Thanks, Mom and Dad!!
Love You Lots!!