Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hodge Podge

 Happy Mail from
generous, talented
and beautiful 
Thank you Wendy!! 

And Sam on her 18th Birthday!

Yes, Mom did the NO! you can't have those shoes on Saturday,
and snuck back and bought them
on Sunday....

Working on drawing:
this is an excersize

 and I call her Ava:
this is a really imperfect
work in progress
but I'm loving her attitude:

I erased her mouth 5 times already. And I know her eyes
need tweeking to capture her
And her nose looks piggy, but that will also be addressed.
My problem is, I want to draw,
but I'm so tired after work,
my efforts start looking 
like shit but I'm too in 
love with it to stop.
Thats my story and I'm sticking 
to it.

And I resized,
 photoshop tweeked
and matted
"Her Eyes Wore Sombrero's"
I really like this piece.
Why is it that men
really don't get it?
A male friend of mine said the
saying on her nose 
"doesn't go with the face". 
I hate you. 
Go back to playing fantasy football league.
I don't get that either. 
I didn't say anything for real.
I just directed him to the 
etsy listing so he can read 
the back story. 
And told him that all viewpoints
were welcome.
In other words, I lied.
I'm living that saying 
"fake it till you make it"
a lot these days.
A Hell of a Lot.

 new listing on etsy:
Thank you for looking.

And I'm also working on 
my Katie Holmes zombies.
I want to have 2 completed to 
when I pump up my display.

oh scarey!!

Happy anti-valentines day!
Happy Birthday Sam!!