Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Organized

In a mild panic today trying to get organized for Art and Soul. I think I'm there though, and here is the proof:[Photo] That box on the end holds my altered fish.[Photo] I have each class supply list in a zip loc bag along with the particular supplies needed for that class. Thanks to Kathy Was for her ziploc idea. Paints, stamps, gel mediums, metal bits, fibers, sharpies, ink, moo cards, heat dryer, wax iron, rubber gloves, apron, alcohol inks galore.[Photo]The big bag holds tons of collage papers, cutting mat, deli paper, notebook, my ATC's for show and tell, 2 large books to alter, no kitchen sink though! Tool kit below has brushes, foam brushes, scissors, collapsable water holder thingy, awls, x-actos, eyelet setter, bone folder, japanese screw punch, pencils, hammer, and more gloves. Just have to find a suitcase for all the loot. Clothes? yeah, I'm bringing them too, but they are really not a priority! Here's what I'll be missing about home next week: my daughter, and PT Barnum: [Photo][Photo]

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blogging Mingles Souls

Added a vintage postcard and a vintage beach themed jewelry find to my care packages for my blogging friends, Leslie, Patty and Diane. I added more vintage stamps relating to each artist, too.

Made up tags with a 1974 postage stamp as inspiration. The stamp reads "Letters Mingle Souls". Well, in my life "Blogging Mingles Souls" so there you have it.

Those cool tags are by making memories. They are called "clears" and this style is called Chelsea's Place. I used an inchie with an initial sticker and signed the back of course.

Wrapped em up in some fabric:

Ready to be hand delivered opening night at Art and Soul. 4 days and counting........

Monday, April 21, 2008

Marvelous Mail Call

I received a beautiful care package from my friend, Diane, in the mail yesterday. Diane is one of the many wonderful artists it's been my privilege to get to know via blogland. We are so excited to be able to meet in person at Art and Soul! In appreciation for driving her box of supplies to Virginia, (Diane is flying) she sent me these stunning earrings, that are so me!!!! Here is a pic of their lovely presentation:

And here is a closeup:
Aren't they the bomb diggity??? I can't wait to wear them to the opening night party at A and S. She also sent me a key for my Tin Souls class:
Visit Diane's esty shop to see more of her artful creations! Thank you, Diane, for your friendship and generosity!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fish Be Finished

Struck down by strep throat since Thursday. Bored out of my mind. Today is the first day I trusted myself to handle gel medium! Time crunch now, clothes cleaned and mentally packed for Art and Soul, collage papers gathered, each classes supplies in seperate ziplocs, main tool kit almost gathered. Antibiotics doing their thing. I hope. Here is a pic gel mediuming the chenille stem onto fish:

Here is the presentation I chose, a black easel purchased at Micheal's.

Here is view of fibers with my moo cards attached:
Here is a head view angle of fish:

And last, a photo on black:
I am really looking forward to meeting three of my blogging friends in person! I made up cigar box gifts for them. Each has vintage stamps, an Italian mini clothes pin, an ATC size stretched canvas, a beachy tag , two of my handmade ATC's, and a cork with one of my moo cards stuck in it. I recycled the Art and Soul shell and blue shred packaging. I hope they like them!

Thanks again for the kind comments and emails!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday Night Art

My Muse is pushing me forward with Art and Soul's alterable doo-dad. I'm having a great time with it. Thanks for all the kind comments via blog and email! I love getting feedback. After fooling around with placement for the caps I got to work.

First step was to hammer the cap flanges? is that a word? so they would lay flat:

I love, love my new hammer purchased cheap at Harbor Freight. Next step, dyeing the caps with alcohol ink. Put caps in plastic bag, squirt some alcohol ink in and swish. That's it! :
Keeping it fishy, I decided to add some purple stain here and there around the cap edges. I used Starburst Stain in French Lilac Violet. Purchased on line, don't remember where. Label says "Lindy's Stamp Gang". I wasn't sure it would stick to the metal, but it did! :
Next step was heat drying because I am too anxious to wait for air drying. BTW I left those rubber things in the bottom of the caps. I tried getting them out but it took way too long and was damn near impossible. Next time I buy caps they won't have those rubbery rings inside. :

Next step was moving on to the fish body. I decided the head needed some texture. I globbed on Golden's soft gel medium in glossy. I like the translucency when this gel is dry. It felt "fishy" to me. I took a craft stick and grooved out some texture lines, and glued on the abalone buttons :
While gel dried, I carefully painted the fish body:

As it turns out, practically none of the body will show, but I didn't know this at the time! Here is the finished painted fish after the gel dried:
I used a thick line of Golden's Black Mica Flake (small) in a line behind the buttons, too cool. Used a mix of Golden's acrylics and my treasured Stewart Gills on the head. The glittery green accent on the face is Stewart Gill's Galactica texture glitter in Emerald. Good stuff. Here's a closeup, can you see the texture glitter? :

Now back to the caps. I raided my stash of assorted paper towels, baby wipes and text pages I hand painted, vintage wallpaper, and anatomy pages. Used a circular paper punch to cut out sequin waste to lay on top of paper. Here are some closeups of the caps:

Next step, gel medium the papers into the caps:
Added some Stickles Glitter glue accents:

Next step, fill in cap with Glossy Accents:
This morning I was disappointed to find that some of the details of the papers were lost due to the sequin waste and Glossy Accents. Live and learn. Still looks good tho. Next step was fashioning fins and tails with some of my leftover Fusion Collage paper towels made last year during Traci Bautista's class at Art and Soul 2007. I layered them with some sequin waste, fanned them and stapled the bottoms. I have yet to decide permanent placement of everything. Here is a pic showing possible placement:
There is more to come! I need to find a little easel to display him on, and have another idea cooking for him........stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let the Brainstorming Begin

I received my registration package from Art and Soul Retreats on Saturday. Here it is in all it's glory, complete with the "alterable" item.

Each instructor included a hand-made fish in the package. Here is a real beauty by Kathy Wasilewski :
And a pair from Albie Smith ( I am so excited to be taking 2 of her classes!):
And a textural treasure from Anne Grgich :
Here is a close-up of the alterable item and the Mermaid Mail stamps included in the package, you can see my wheels are already turning, with the addition of the bottle caps and wrapped chenille stems :
Here I am starting to brainstorm colors, using some fusion collage I did last year for inspiration.
More color choices, sequin waste, vintage wallpaper:
I'm digging the abalone buttons and the crystal fish eye!

This has the potential to turn into a major project, just wish I had more time to give it the attention it deserves. Maybe I should call in sick for a few days......