Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Altho simple
there is major emotion
behind "Hope".
An Hors d'oeuvre of Pain,
A Main Course of Purging,
with a Side Order of Remorse,
A Salad of Acceptance,
A Palette Cleanser of Forgiveness,
And for Dessert?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

ANTI-VALENTINES 2011 Hey It's Still February

"Lucky Loser"

Ok, Ok, 
I know it's no longer Anti-V day.
But I've been busy. 
Learning Photoshop at Night school,
working and swimming, 
there is little time to create.
So if I'm still getting Anti-V ideas,
well, I'm going with it.
Here is another featuring Rene Lacoste.
The title is a real tennis term. 
google it. It's true. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just for fun
I'm going to post 
Anti-Valentines from past years.
Cuz, well, I haven't had time to create.
My first Photoshop class was last night.
I am HOOKED. Gone. Done. In Love. 
We spent an hour learning "selections". 
Old, tired after a day at work, selections
are not so easy. 
Keyboard Commands!! Who Knew!!

Hope you like the previously posted Anti-V's!
I'll post more oldies but goodies friday.
I'm off to practice selections. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Broken At Love  

This was so fun to make!! I adhered a vintage pic of Rene Lacoste taken from Vogue magazine
onto an image of a famous painting that I am too lazy to find the info on, spray inks, purell transfers,
transparency image, stabilo pencils, white gel pen, rub-ons. 
"Broken at Love" is a real tennis term also, which I think is like, super cool, dude.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


First Batch!!

 "The Horror" 
is a Purell transfer 
using Apollo 7039 transparency 
and an ink-jet printer. ATC substrate
is Illustration board which takes the transfer like a dream.I added a little color on the lady's face with my new Pan Pastels and pencil. I messed up the other side of the ATC so I cut around it and mounted it on top of a piece of last years homemade Anti-V paper, "Blood Streaked". cool, right?    

"Extreme Measures" also uses the Illustration
board/purell/ink-jet transfer recipe. Pan pastels for color and a rub-on and eyelet. The dymo words do not want to stick to the Pan Pastels. Crap with a Capital C. I love my Dymo. 

"Louise" has as a substrate altered baby wipe adhered to a baseball card. The wipe is altered with watered down acrylic paints and alcohol inks. Transparency pic of Louise glued down (actually a leftover transp from a failed transfer), a bit of sequin waste and some silly brads and flowers as embellishment. And as you can see the damn words are lifting here too.
More to come.....