Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Card Play 2010

I am a Struggling Photoshop Beginner.
But oooooh the Potential!!!
Here is my Family Christmas Card 2010.
I usually try and be funny every year.
The emphasis here is on the word Try.
The attempt above was probably #125.
I hate that Magic Wand.
I think it is Evil. A Necessary Evil, tho.
You can see the sucky gaps above.

This is The Card I settled on.
Around me you see that section of the photo that Evil Magic Wand missed.
Or maybe I just wanted to be the center of attention.
 I learned how to lighten the background so the Font is actually visible.
But I won't Remember How tomorrow.
I'm Hand Delivering these tomorrow so No Spoiler Post.
Happy Thanksgiving.
I am Grateful.


Lovely Teri DeAngelis
No This is Not Her
It's Actually a Rose
But it Could Be Her

Teri is A Master of Hair Artistry and My Friend
She asked me to make a piece of Art
To Be Auctioned Off To Help Raise Funds
For her Beloved Mother, Clara's,
Cancer Care
I was Honored
And Delighted
And I was Inspired by Teri's Devotion and Big Love
So I started with The Rose
Who In It's Similiarity With Life
Offers Us Both Beauty and Thorns

Vintage Postcard, Layers and Layers of Various papers, Vintage and HomeMade by Moi
Acrylic Paint

Inspiration and Technique From

Broken but Beautiful

Stamped Deli Paper Composition Play