Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forgive Me For my Faux Pas

Oops, I did not do my research. I credited Susan Tedeschi with the lyrics to the song "Sweet Forgiveness". .... the original singer/songwriter is Iris Dement. My apologies, Iris. I have a feeling she'll forgive me, though.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Yankees and One More PhrenMen

I'm a little stuck on my Yankee's collage. I had an idea about covering Lou's #4 with part of his speech from his last day as a Yankee. First I painted and sanded the stencil.
Printed the words, in a variety of fonts to add interest, on tissue. Glued the tissue to the stencil and did several washes of paint over all.
I like the transparency of the cutout.
I can't wait to use the deli paper under the stencil in another project!
Here is placement for the #4. I hate, hate, hate that spot were the 4 hits Lou's shoulder. I need something else there but am temporarily out of ideas. Ideas anyone?????

Here is the back side of my latest PhrenMen ATC. This series of ATC's is done on left over paste paper I made in Albie Smith's classes.

And here is "Satisfies Low Expectations" . I finished this last night. Ironically I was accused of this very thing tonight. Isn't that bizarre??

I think the corners are a cool touch. Bribe me and I will let you know where I got them. insert evil laugh here.