Saturday, January 29, 2011

International Romance

Just in time
For Valentine's

TypeWhiter on etsy
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PS i'ts almost Anti-Valentines Day!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Strength" Vintage Book Page Art by TypeWhiter on Etsy

I've grown a skin over my wounds,
and I call it Strength.
Print of Original
for sale
at TypeWhiter, my etsy shop.
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P.S. There is a weird glare from the mica on her face. Her face is without any markings. It looks like a tear in the pic. But this is about Strength. We ain't got time for tears.
Just sayin'. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"I Felt Safe" Vintage Book Page Art by Typewhiter on Etsy

Prints for sale on my etsy shop.
Birds are my hand painted paper.
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Mom's House Is A Very Very Very Nice House

 What better way to honor my Mom, who turned 75 this year, than with a house shaped book created with love by her children and grandchildren. 
Because no matter where we are 
wherever Mom lives
is Home.  
These are the  front 
and inside front pages
done by me. 

 The above pages are made 
by my brother Dan.
He is the oldest child.
And Precious Boy.

These pages are my done by
my bro's oldest son, Joe.
And yeah, that is a perpetual sign 
that says "Best Grandma Ever."
Joe is a technological wizard.

These pages are done by my
brother's oldest daughter,

These pages are done by my
bro's daughter,
Anne Marie.

This page is done by 
my sister Deb. Yeah I know
its upside down. But today's word is

These pages are done by my 
sister Deb's son, Tim.
He is my Godson.
I saw him come out. 
So yeah he is AMAZING.

These pages are done by me.
You probably recognize the red hair.
Look how tiny Sam was. Barely 5 lbs. 
That is 4 generations of women. 
In the background is the Ashokan Reservoir
One of 
the most beautiful places on the planet. 
My soul lives there....
And so did
my grandparents. 
Coincidence? I think not.
The Shawangunk Mountains are the background
of the pic of me and my mom. 
Mountain women.
Not really.
Unless it's this kind of Mountain House
My mom made Sam's baby quilt.
And the pocket holds a love letter
I wrote to my mom.
And recited at her surprise 75th birthday party.
I didn't pass out or barf in front of the guests. 
I highly recommend Cook's Champagne
as a calming tonic.

These are my daughter
Samantha's pages.
she is the artistic one.
I am just the finder of glue sticks
and scissors.
Here is the page I made
to represent my Dad. Cuz, well,
the Colonel don't do glue.
Feel me?
I put the speech he read at my mom's party
in the little pocket.

This is the back page. I wanted it to look like a girl scout vest covered in badges.
There are stamps for every state my mom and dad have lived in. And stamps representing her varied interests. This was a fun one.

Inspiration and techniques 
supplied by the book
"In This House"by
Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn

And Mom.