Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dragonfly Mail Call

Received 4 awesome ATC's from around the world last week. These are the All Things Books Swap cards. Scroll back to see my contribution. Here is the first one by Elizabeth Mackie for Australia:

The scan does not do the dragonfly justice. Each wing lifts off the ATC base. Delightful! I love the way Elizabeth shares her techniques on the back of the card:
Who knew you could run copper tape through a Dymo. You did? And you were holding out on me. Bad Artist. Very Bad Artist.

The next lovely ATC is from Lisa Cousineau and is titled "Blue Thread":

The art exemplifies the poem perfectly. The poem by the way is by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and is called "Silent Noon".

Next up is Lyn Wareham from Devon, England:

Love those shimmery colors and the dragonfly charm.

And the 4th creation is by Willow Ciarrochi. The scan does not pick it up, but Willow folded over a card and the oval shape is actually a window to the dragonfly below. Very clever!

So there you have it, the next to last swap from yahoo group ArttechniquesATC's. The Fred Mullet Swap will be the last. I'll post about it when the cards are swapped out.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ATC's! I too love the way the first artist puts her technique on the back...great idea!!