Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GPP Street Team Crusade #39

It's that time again!! Time to Get Our Crusade On!! This month Michelle Ward's Crusade #39,"Pulling Prints", was a total and complete blast. This is my virgin attempt at monoprinting. The process is very easy, very satisfying and the results make the paint on your wine glass worth it. Oh, was that just me?? teehee. I started out with this paper I just had to save from when my car was in the shop. I save ALL paper. At least THIS TIME, something I saved came in handy! Michelle tells us to use acetate or tyvek for the shape cut outs. Since this paper is slick and waxy on the one side I'm going to give it a go.

I decided to use the fluers-de-lys stamp (here on to be known as FDL, ok), my brand new flaming heart stamp, and a flower stamp. Used Stazon ink and cut them out.

Part of the fun for me was buying this glass cutting board, only $8 at Wal-mart. I didn't end up using the glove.

I scoffed at Michelle when she recommends buying a 500 pack of unlined index cards to pull your prints. I scoffed, why would I need 500, I'll Never Use Them Up!! WRONG. I pulled 200 already. You can keep track because there are 5 seperately wrapped packs of 100 cards inside the 500 pack. I take back my scoff. teehee.

So, I picked 2 colors that I like but haven't used lately and smeared them on the glass.
Here is the first batch. They are not all beauties, but I can work with that! I used too much paint at first.

Here I am pulling up the flower to run a second print. See Michelle's wonderful instructions for more detail. I was able to pull about 20 prints using the stamps out of the floormat paper, so I'm glad I made 3 of each. As the paper gets more saturated with paint, the cut out sticks to the print. I'm going to use these cut outs as collage elements.

These are prints I'm happier with, less paint and more character!

Some cool second pulls:

Another look at the second pulls:

Next two are closeups of second pulls:

Switched colors here. Had to buy this brayer too. Love it, wonderful paint spreader. I painted most of the backs of the prints too. I tried to make the backs look like plaid on a silk scarf. Oh well, it's good to have goals, right? teehee.

Here I'm pulling the print and you can see the FDL cut out.
And here are the FDL print's. I am quite pleased with these. The lower right hand corner was accomplished by following Michelle's advanced instructions. I get a Gold Star for that one!!

OMG!! How did the next pic get here??? These are the sucky rejects. But you know darn well I'm going to pick them up off the floor and overstamp them, baby them and turn these ugly ducklings into swans. teehee.

These have over stamping and I love the colors!!

These next 2 pics utilize masks from Tim Holz. I had medium success. I was going for spooky with wintry skies but I instead I channelled my inner third grader and this is what happened. sigh. You know these look like a third grader made them. I hate my inner third grader, she is chubby and both her arms are broke. Plus she called her teacher a Snot (which she deserved) and got in BIG trouble. But I digress, as usual.

These are done using the stenciling method. Very pleased with these, and Love this color palette.

This is next pic is blurry, but see that little scrap of paper on the top heart? kind of light in color? that just ended up there, I did not do that. And what a cool effect it made. It looks like the heart has a heart on the prints. Hey, I can't make this stuff up. And here is my biggest truth, when I create, THE BEST STUFF I MAKE IS ALWAYS A MISTAKE. Seriously, it's the unintentional that is always the miracle. That's why I am not a "REAL" Artist. A real artist sits down and puts stuff together. And it looks like something good. A not so Real Artist waits until serendipity hits and the planets align and something occurs by accident that looks awesome.

Here is the plethora of prints I pulled using hearts. This obsession is all Michelle's fault. She is totally an enabler.

Here are some of my favs.

I love the heart in the middle of Anarchy.

See that little piece of paper??? isn't it cool??? Oh, wait, I should have lied and said I did that on purpose. oh well, too late now.

This one I overstamped with the rubber stamp.

Then I went all Fiesta with colors and abstract shapes.

Okay, I'm done. I'm exhausted and slap happy and have no idea what I've written.

See the purple paint on the lip of the glass??? xoSusan


  1. You are too funny! Now I know what I'll be doing tomorrow in my studio! Thanks for this peek.

  2. OMG! How many Red Bull's did you drink to do all that?! I'm not sure I"ve ever made that much art all combined in my whole entire life! Seriously - I think I'm a big fat slug.

    This link might actually be a great representation of your artistic process:

    I'm super impressed by all this and maybe a little it demoralized.......

  3. oo you have achieved art play nirvana!! and who says you are not a real artist!! hellooooo! playing and happy mistakes are where all the good stuff comes from!!

  4. Love the FDL and heart prints!!! And by the way, where did you find the sacred heart stamp? I've been on the prowl for one of those...
    It must have been a tremendously FUN evening, and so productive too!!! I wouldn't have gotten that much accomplished---I'd have been enjoying the wine...LOL!!!! ;)
    Great post!


  5. susan, what an awesome post! i am giddy! laughing at your *scoff*. smiling at your enthusiasm. loving your prints! terrific textures, shapes, colors! so much juicy stuff here. LOVE LOVE LOVE. thanks for taking this on and sharing it with the team!!! many gold stars for YOU.

  6. art play nirvana! I LIKE that phrsae! I will have to steel it!! I love all your prints!! the colors all appeal to my muse! And I even like the chubby, broken armed 3rd grader's prints-but then, i really like iron fences! Your APN (art play nirvana, remember??) makes me want to go do more prints!!

  7. It's been a while since you've posted, and Girlfriend, it was worth the wait!!! Awesome post! You are fearless and your prints are amazing! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  8. Oh my God !!! You had a blast with this one. I love to see you playing so well with your wonderful toys. The results are awesome !
    Fantastic post and fanatstic crusade, Lady !

  9. these are awesome! and if real artists sit down and plan everything out i don't want to be one! will have to check out the monoprint instructions.

  10. what great pics and wonderful post...just awesome, possum!!! love it all!

  11. and I thought I was crazy...
    After reading the printmaking article, I did the same thing. Well, almost. I found the paper that I needed in the recycle bin at work. 65 lb. cover parchment paper that were printed on one side. I went a little crazy, lost track of time, got a little tipsy, but had an utterly fabulous experience.
    I really like your work and your style. I'm bookmarking your site.
    Thank You!