Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Strength" Vintage Book Page Art by TypeWhiter on Etsy

I've grown a skin over my wounds,
and I call it Strength.
Print of Original
for sale
at TypeWhiter, my etsy shop.
Thanks for lookin.

P.S. There is a weird glare from the mica on her face. Her face is without any markings. It looks like a tear in the pic. But this is about Strength. We ain't got time for tears.
Just sayin'. 

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  1. Hi Susan! Just sent you an email, finally! But, wanted to come for a little visit here too. I just "favorited" your Etsy! Wowee! I am in love with this series of prints you are making. I wrote more about it in my email but they have such a grace and rawness to them . . . very sophisticated, top gallery work! I'm so impressed. I'll leave the rest in the email for you to read. I've missed you!