Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am addicted. 
Yes, I think I would spend the rent $ on Photoshop classes! 
My computer was 6 years old and no amount of CPR could save her.
My awesome nephew Joe did his best though. I have a new Dell laptop cuz, well, I can't afford a Mac,
I can't afford this one either,
but who cares.
 Photoshop CS5 is the bomb diggitie.
I'll be creating all the way to the poor house. sigh. 
The cards are cut up now, so I'll be creating with little strips of plastic on my next collage. 
But, I digress.
The backgrounds of these pieces were sprayed outside last summer on a HOT HOT day. I used Halloween webbing as a "mask" of sorts thinly stretched out on the paper
and sprayed my heart out.
I think they were dry in like 10 minutes
and I really saturated them.
Sorry but I went ape shit on the next one!!
Again, another sprayed/masked background. This one is my fav of the ones I did that day. 

So here is where the sad sad story is. I used the magnetic lasso to take this guy out of his background. And well,I lost the actual "guy". I'm sure I have him saved somewhere. Ridiculous, I know. But then I thought I could work with his shadow which is even cooler. So there you go. I am not a trained artist, altho I do subscribe to the school of happy accidents. 
Added some reddish leaf brushes here.
OOOOH AHHHH now I'm really loving the purple gradient layer.
And some cool white leaves on top!

So now these just need some witty words and I'll put them up on etsy, where they will gather dust and not sell.
I hope it's the economy and not that my work is crap that is too similiar to everything else and looks like a third grader did it. 
A third grader with a VERY expensive program and laptop.....


  1. Honey, you're just having a Mardi Gras moment!!! Go celebrate---he'll show up sooner or later! :-D
    (and this is why I don't seriously mess with Photoshop---I know what will happen!)
    Laissez les bons temps rouler!


  2. Enjoy your new tool !!!! Looks like you are making awesome use of it already. Can't wait to read the witty words...
    Happy Lassoing !

  3. Well, well, well !!! Who KNEW that you were so talented with PS!!! Horray for your new laptop! After all, a girl's gotta treat herself once in a while. Enjoy!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. creating safe, nice as the result of painting

  5. The picture right above this is AMAZING, i love how the white leaves are cast over the silhouette! Inspiring!

  6. No way does a third grader have your talent my dear =) I just love you and miss you much. Just dropping by to tell you that I will be teaching in DC at ArtBLISS in September =) How do you like that? Well....we must get together one way or another! Too busy to discuss it fully as I head for Cali in under two weeks to teach! ArtBLISS registration opens this Saturday!

  7. Oh Diane, thanks so much for taking the time to give me a HOLLA!!! miss you and love you too and So Incredibly Proud of all you have accomplished Artistically. The Art World is so lucky to have your Grace, Charm, Wit, and Talent to Lend at your Workshops. I will go check out ArtBLISS ASAP. Did you see that Art and Soul changed venues for Virginia in 2012?? It’s in Va Beach on the beach!! I skipped A and S this year cuz I’m only half way there with my American Express points (and couldn’t afford cash, who can these days??) and now the venue is changed!!! Isn’t that always the way of the world!!
    Safe Travels my friend!!!