Sunday, November 6, 2011

Makin a List and Checkin it Twice! Are you on it?

It's November!
My mind turns to the joy 
and sometimes hair pulling stress
of my annual Christmas card. 
The hair pulling occurs cuz I am
self taught at Photoshop Elements.
I just realized 
I'm self taught at EVERYTHING.
I make two cards a season. 
I alter an old family photo
and add hilarious word balloons 
for my family.
Here's one of the old family ones:

And I make one for my art friends.
Now, I've got 113 art friends/followers
of this humble blog and over 100 on fb.
But I've got less than 20 addresses.
So, If you want a Christmas card from moi
email me at: 
with your snail mail addy. 
DO NOT leave your addy in the comments box.
I watch way toooooo much CSI
for that. Feel me? 
Here's last years card:
Now here is a WARNING!!
My Christmas cards are irreverant.
They are not respectful of anything.
I poke fun at everything.
If you are easily insulted,
or feel uncomfortable with
a non-religious Christmas card, 
take a pass on this.
I respect that, no worries.
I still love you and your work.
Side Note:
I am a Budding Buddhist.
I do not believe in organized religion.
I believe in love.
But I also believe in accepting and 
loving my warped sense of humor. 
Nuff said. 
PS. I've been jamming all morning to 
artist amyjo's play list on her blog.
Her blog is awesome.
Check out the disturbing widget
under her blog banner.
I'm behind already.

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