Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Medusa

My daughter on Halloween. Crazy me, I bought a new car on mischief night! I was nervous all night about my baby. (The car not my daughter, teehee) Thank goodness that decision is behind me, it was making me nuts. Now I have a silver Nissan Rogue to drive around in. I won't say that the fold down seats and large cargo area made my decision, but I was thinking about all the supplies I'd have room to haul down to Virginia to Art and Soul! Yup, my room is booked, and obsessing about classes has begun! I even ordered moo cards of some of my ATC's to have for trades. I hope they come out well. It was kind of tricky to get the cropping correct without losing any necessary elements. I have signed up for an all original page fatbook for Virginia. Scheduling stressing about that commitment for after the holidays! My sister's ballerina canvas is almost finished, just have to decide about adding the roses. My next Christmas project is a shadow box for my other sister, Deb. She loves all things Johnny Depp, so this will have an Edward ScissorHands theme. It's been fun researching Tim Burton's art.

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