Saturday, May 17, 2008

Still More To Show and Tell

The beautiful and very talented Anne Grgich taught our Painterly Portrait Books class. It was our last class of this exhilerating week. Anne sent us out with a bang. Diane and and I were in awe watching her create. We worked in old books that had 2 pages glued together, white glue, nothing fancy. We cut strips of paper and glued them over the inside bindings to create a more level page to work on. This is my favorite page in process. I loved Anne's techniques and the symmetry of her collage work. Its ok to be symmetrical, yeah!!!! This page I call "Stung by the Tang of Injustice".
Here is another fun page in my book. This one I call "Loved but Not Wanted". I got to use my vintage comic book in this one. Anne had an abundance of awesome collage papers and ephemera for us to use. How cool is that tape at the bottom?
Here is a closeup of the tape. She told us where she got it but it went out of my head. I hate when that happens. If you click on the pic for a closeup you can see Barbie's eyeglasses make up the face's nostrils. teehee.
Here is more awesome tape. Jesus tape. Who knew??? This page will be done in teals and yellows. I only worked on 3 pages during class. There just wasn't enough time in the day. I will probably spend years filling the rest of the book.
Here is my third page. There are layers and layers of glue, Anne calls it "making a skating rink of the glue". Also layers of coffee mixed with tar. Very glossy, latte colored finish that smells great.

Another shot of my fav page:
Two girls driven to work thru lunch......We didn't want this last class to ever end.
Diane made it even without her beloved Dr. Pepper!

And Amy peaked in during lunch to see what we were up to!
I am very excited because Anne will be in Reading Pa for a gallery opening in July. She will be teaching a workshop and I'm so there!


  1. Ohh, Susan, what great shots, and what great memories. LOL~you remembered my DR. PEPPER funk. You took so many more pictures than I did. I am glad. I did a small post about Anne too. How could I not? She was awesome...
    Luv ya~

  2. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get here Susan! I love reliving Art & Soul in your blog. Your books are wonderful! Oh, Albie Smith. I didn't know about her until the retreat, but I sure wish I had! I came home with one of her books from vendor night, and will absolutely be in class with her at some point!
    Oh, and the tape is from a company called Two's Company. It's their Black Damask tape from their Chic Home Collection, and I got mine from, but they no longer carry it, and I can't find anyone who does. They also made bags in this pattern.

    Love the music here!