Wednesday, August 6, 2008

His Heart Ache Was Real

I'm having a great time altering Cabinet Cards. I love it. This one is a work in progress. I've used Sharpies, Portfolio water soluable oil pastels, plastic corners, white gel pen, little roses cut from scrapbook paper and a heart stamp from B-Line Designs. I was fortunate to take a "Metals" class from Beverly, the talented owner of this company, at my local scrapbook store, The Scrapbook Station". We pounded wire, used 10 Seconds studios tools, played with duct tape and mesh. It was a great class. I stamped this image during class and brought it home with me. Beverly ran out of the stamps before I had a chance to purchase one. The stamp is called Torn Heart duo, and some day I will buy it!! More to come on this one.....


  1. don't you just love cabinet cards? i can't walk out of an antique store without usually getting one or two (or more). i hate so to alter the originals. i do so only if they are in bad condition, otherwise i scan them and use the printed copy. i find this works just about as well if you don't need the weightiness of the actual card to which they are attached.

    ps - love the new banner! you did this yourself?


  2. I love this little card!!! It's inspired me to try one! I saw a few vintage pictures in a shop today, and might have to buy them and scan them the way Roberta suggested. Love your backround music also!!!