Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New York Yankees Collage *Spoiler Alert*

For my next ACT: A collage in honor of the closing of Yankee Stadium. I am a baseball plebe, and can only hope I do the Yank's proud.
Using an 8x10 stretched canvas, started out with some Goldens Hansa Yellow Medium Acrylic.

Added acid free tissue for texture and washes of G's Transparent Oxide Red/orange etc.
  Yankee's ticket sales brochure in which I found the poem and dated image of Yankee Stadium. Sanded the image and did a wash of Payne's Gray.

Printed out a pic of Lou Gehrig with Babe Ruth onto a transparency. Cut it out close and gel mediumed that sucker on. I like the way the texture and colors show thru.
Added more paint and a photo of Lou Gehrig with some other Yank's.
The focal point is going to be a gel transfer or painted transparency of a very young Lou Gehrig. Lou happens to be my favorite Yankee.
Stay tuned.......

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  1. Susan....this is beautiful. I really love it. Have you completely finished it yet? Will it be a present? Anyway, you are doing such great work. Looks like you are "back in the saddle" my dear!