Monday, January 11, 2010

Look What Erin Made!!!!!

I am Blessed with a Capital B to have some Very Very Good Friends. Let me introduce Erin, who recently married Jimmy, who you will meet in my next post. I met Erin when I was the young age of 30, new owner of a screaming newborn. Later, to become Miss Samantha, my Valentines Baby, who will turn 16 this year. We interrupt this post to bring you Samantha's new look:

I just couldn't resist. She is absolutely Gorgeous, if I do say so myself. She looks exactly like her father, who was and still is an Extremely Good Looking Man. I am so happy she got his perfect nose and not the Sager Ginormo Ball of Flesh!! Anyhoo, back On Topic.....So I was living in the sticks, asked a neighbor for a babysitter, and met 16 year old Erin, who lived down the street. Erin was a shy but smart, sweet but funny, an all around awesome kid that I would be proud to call my own. So I thought, hey, what better babysitter could I ask for? Maybe Sam will turn out a bit like her. For many years I "mothered" Erin, along with Sam. Erin was a dream, she loves to organize and clean. I reaped the benefits of her skills when I was a very busy full time workin married woman with a big house to take care of. I moved from the sticks with my divorce, but always kept in touch with Erin. We weathered each others heartbreaks, moves to Hawaii (hers, not mine, dammit) college, jobs, and lots of Art. Erin is a very talented jewelry maker, is a genius with paper folding, makes exquisite shadow boxes, floral designer, a truly gifted mixed media artist. And I was lucky enough to see this girl evolve into a wonderful woman who I mother less, but Friend more, know what I mean?? I BALLED my eyes out at her wedding. Sam was mortified. teehee. Erin is now the age I was when we met. I have been hounding her to have a baby so MY 16 year old can babysit HER infant. The circle of life, no? Anyway for Christmas, she created these Stunning envelopes as my gift. The computer does not do them justice!! I overlapped them for scanning purposes:

How beautiful are they?? She and her husband also designed a calendar with her gorgeous nature photography. I am so proud of her. Here is my beautiful girl in all her creative hilarity:

Yeah, that's Jimmy doin all the work. Thanks, Erin, for the beautiful Christmas presents. Now get pregnant already!!! xoSusan

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  1. Awwww . . . the circle of life!!! BTW - Samantha is GORgeous!!! (And I adore that haircut!)OMG! The envelopes and the calendar are amazing!!! (Is that a bit of a baby bump??!!!??? Nawwww . . . .) Hugs, Terri xoxo