Monday, January 11, 2010

Ink-Jet Transfer Play

While waiting for the paint to dry on the canvas I just sneak peeked you, I played with transfers. My tools were ink-jet images printed on Apollo 7039 transparencies, Golden's self leveling clear gel, and acrylic painted ATC backgrounds. I also used some of those cardboard postcards I posted about earlier. You know, the cardboard from the cat food cartons that I gesso'd and painted with sprays and glimmer mists. I sealed them with PYM. I had to, cuz when a spot checked the paint with the GSLCGel, the sprays smeared. Bummer. Out of the attempts that night only ONE was a failure. I'll show that first:

Not sure if the problem was too much GSLCGel or what. But the next ones turned out Grungy, not perfect, and therefore exactly what I wanted! Thanks to Andre, of Aftermath, for sharing the steps: apply GSLCGel to substrate, let Gel get slightly tacky for barely a minute, lay down transparency, burnish with paper towel, lift and rejoice!! I also used a bone folder to burnish. This is the only method that I have found to provide consistant successful transfers on top of acrylic paint. Hey, Marianne, I haven't tried the Elmer's Caulk yet!!

Here is the image I used:

Feel free to use this in your Art. I changed the color to black and white before printing to get rid of the background color and to save ink. Also, don't forget to mirror the image before printing, so the transferred image is not backwards. Trust me, I forget to do this often and get so mad at myself for wasting ink!! The next ones are the catboards, oh I mean, cardboards, teehee:

I think I'm going to bind these into some kind of book, some day. A lot more transfers, experiments and embellishing have to happen first. Below is the image I used for transfer. Feel free to use it.
Next on the horizon is thinking about trades for the upcoming Art and Soul Retreat!!! I'm so excited!! Who's going?? Give Me A Shout!! xoSusan


  1. You are the Queen of Transfers! I, on the other hand, are 'transfer challenged'!!! Thanks for the toot and the images. Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. That is soo cool. I have never used transferes, they scare me. But you my girl have it down.
    Thanks for the lesson. I love the backgrounds, the grundgier the better.


  3. i have never had luck with this kind of tranfer, but now i'm just going to have to try it!

  4. susan these look great! i will have to try this method...... as for the elmer's- i find mine at ace...... curious to see how you like it when you do try it!