Sunday, March 21, 2010

Allman Brothers 2010

I had the pleasure to see the Allman Brother's Band at The United Palace Theater in NYC, three times in the last week. The shows were amazing, the crowd was fun and friendly and so INTO it!!The theater is stunning to look at, but more importantly, the sound system is great. The band was amazing, Gregg's voice is still like A Good Bourbon, and Derek and Warren are Guitar God's IMHO.

Gregg Allman. He still sounds magnificent. The way he sings "Melissa" makes me want to bawl.

The band.
Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks. Warren Haynes moonlights with Gov't Mule. Derek Trucks heads The Derek Trucks Band. He's married to one of the best Female Blues Singers of today, Susan Tedeschi.

This is Doyle Bramhall 2 guest guitaring.
TMG and I. That's The Music Guru. Yup, he's taught me almost everything I know about The Blues. Thanks for an amazing 3 day experience, TMG. I never understood why people follow bands around the country. I mean, you see em once or twice, now see somebody else, right. WRONG. I get it now. The Allman Brothers are my Grateful Dead, or Phish, or whatever band that used to or does now get Followed by Insanely Loyal and SMITTEN fans. Count me in. I am now a Full Fledged Allman's Groupie. I had an amazing time. I am in love with New York, Dominican food, Central Park and TMG.
I'll leave you with a video taken at The Palace. It's almost like you went too. Almost. xoSusan


  1. i am so glad that they were so good! nothing like seeing a band you love live & having them put on a great show! i am a shameless live music groupie- many acts i've seen many times and would again in a heartbeat. thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome pics AND music!!! So happy to hear that you had a great time. Wow! I hadn't realized that you were going to three shows - it's a triple treat!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Awesome! So jealous! I do miss my concerts! Back in college I was an follower of the Dead. I used to love going on the road and seeing different places, people, and different shows...I completely understand. Thanks so much for sharing this! You look so happy and like you had such a good time! xo