Thursday, May 20, 2010

Learning About Layers

I have joined an amazing video workshop given by Julie Prichard of The Land Of Lost Luggage. It's called Layer Love. This experience is a lot of fun because my friend Kathy No Blog has joined me. We are painting side by side from across the US via iphone pics!!Yeah, we're cool like that.teehee. Julie has other workshops available, but I hopped on this one because she will not be taking new students for this class after May 31. Check out all her workshop offerings, I have only just begun, I'm coveting the Complex Collage one for next time.
I'm not going to go into written detail (cuz Julie would, like, so kick my ass) here, just going to show you a picture trail of my steps in my first attempt:

The last two are the finished painting in case you were wondering. I'm calling it finished. Now I've shown these photos to several people and have asked which orientation they like best. I'm not telling you what I like until you tell me what you like. well? I'm waiting......

Here is the second project:

This one is not done, but I don't have time to add the finishing steps before I go to Va TOMORROW!!! Why am I still blogging when I have no clean socks and I cant find the pair of jeans that I can zip up???? xoSusan


  1. wow am I glad I found you! I came from Deez news...I love your site and your work and that of your amigos. I also am digging on your sense of humor so I have become a follower. I’ll come back when i have more time cause I too don’t have any clean laundry and have to get out of this house...take care new friend..Cynthia

  2. Hi Susan! Feels like I haven't seen you in AGES! . . . well, I really haven't "seen" you, but you know what I mean *hee hee*

    I was crackin' up when you wrote that you couldn't find your jeans that you could zip up. A couple of weekends ago I pulled a pair of jeans out of the closet to wear to the flea market and when I tried to pull them up and they wouldn't go past my thighs I thought "Oh, these must be Taylor's (my teenage son) jeans". Well, sadly they weren't . . . yikes!

    Moving right along here . . . Love all of the layers you are creating and have creatED. Personally I would probably turn it vertically "just because" *smiles*

    Have a great weekend Susan! xoxo Sherry

  3. Hey Grrll...thanks for becoming a follower of mine...what an honor..I am not very computer savvy but doing my best so come along with me on my ride..I did where you are coming from...don’t know what all is going on here but it looks like your into a lot of stuff..well i’m gone for now but shall return..Cynthia @ Beathneart cause I too had the heart beaten, broken and battered...

  4. Those are so much fun!
    It must have been great to learn from Julie Prichard~ her work is really interesting.