Tuesday, February 1, 2011


First Batch!!

 "The Horror" 
is a Purell transfer 
using Apollo 7039 transparency 
and an ink-jet printer. ATC substrate
is Illustration board which takes the transfer like a dream.I added a little color on the lady's face with my new Pan Pastels and pencil. I messed up the other side of the ATC so I cut around it and mounted it on top of a piece of last years homemade Anti-V paper, "Blood Streaked". cool, right?    

"Extreme Measures" also uses the Illustration
board/purell/ink-jet transfer recipe. Pan pastels for color and a rub-on and eyelet. The dymo words do not want to stick to the Pan Pastels. Crap with a Capital C. I love my Dymo. 

"Louise" has as a substrate altered baby wipe adhered to a baseball card. The wipe is altered with watered down acrylic paints and alcohol inks. Transparency pic of Louise glued down (actually a leftover transp from a failed transfer), a bit of sequin waste and some silly brads and flowers as embellishment. And as you can see the damn words are lifting here too.
More to come.....


  1. LOVE THEM!!!! (and I bet a lot of other people do too!!!)


  2. I'm lovin' Louise - she's so psychdelic and even looks a teensy bit psycho....

    Now I have to go look up pan pastels - whatever they are I can't afford them. But, possibly, maybe, MUST have them.

  3. these are great! i glue the dymo words on and then go over with a layer of gel medium. just use spray varnish first to make sure stuff doesn't run. i love the dymo you sent me too!

  4. Extreme measures is my FAVORITE, but all three are great! Love your work girlfriend - always have and always will xoxo