Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spray Paint is The Shit

I bought some AWESOME stencils on etsy.
The seller is Deidre Wicks and 
her shop is called
egads, these are wonderful quality and 
I am hooked, hooked, hooked.

My favorite palette: 
red, white, turqoise, black. 
Sprayed on Acid free tissue paper. 
The tissue will no longer be sheer after spraying.
The spray paint is opaque. 
I thought I would have a "sheerer" result. 
I love what I got, tho.
Next time I will try acrylic sprays 
and see what happens. 
I am a newbie,
or spray virgin, if you will. 
So this is a learning experience for me. 
I had so much fun. 

I'm going to cover a canvas with this:
(and then add lots of embellishment) 

Sprayed some scrapbook paper:
The eye will be the center piece
for another collage.
Adhered torn pieces to a canvas:

Wrapping the collage around 
to the back of the canvas. 
Started doing that awhile ago.

Love the heart veins in her neck:
I have to get back to this painting or my parents will think I'm a procrastinator:

Yup, my muse just went off in a different direction.....had to listen!
Thank you, Diedre, for enabling my muse and making such a wonderful product! I have 3 more collages in the works!


P.S. Spray paint outside.
Wear a mask over your mouth 
and crappy clothes
cuz the wind blows the paint everywhere.
Also, wear big cheap sunglasses/goggles to protect your glasses/eyes. 
I got paint on my lenses and in my eyes.
Shame on me being an optician and what not. When the muse strikes 
I've been known not to wash or brush
until she leaves, 
but I usually have the sense to take
safety precautions!


  1. that's some cool shit, Baby ! Loving the wrapped canvas !

  2. Hi Susan,

    LOVE LOVE LOVE what you're doing with the stencils! And thanks for your kind words...you made my day:) I tried to leave a comment but lately I've been having trouble leaving comments. Don't know if it's my id or my computer - I know it's weird. Anywho I'll try again in a bit.

    Keep in touch:)