Sunday, June 5, 2011

Venus Astonished WIP Finally Done


Plus this:

Plus a little of this:

Plus a whole lotta that:

Plus a pinch of this:

Equals this:

And the gratuitous close-up:

This is 16x20. 
How does one set a price for a 
mixed media thingy?
Where do I take it?
Do I walk cold into a local gallery? 
I suppose I could google it.
But I would much rather let my art friends
tell me the 411.

You have 48 hours. 
Then the googling begins. 


  1. That is SO COOL!!!
    Sadly, from my end, I say let the Googling begin! <:-)
    Surely if you make more, the right venue will happen!

    Love it!

  2. i think your venus is the story of my life at this point. i'm heading back to the for selling your work, have you tried etsy? to show at a gallery will cost you, you will need many pieces and you will need to know what types of shows they have coming up. you can either look up galleries online and check out their calendars and calls for submissions, or see if there are local coffee shops or salons or any independently owned small business that would be interested in displaying your artwork(many do this type of thing as consignment).