Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the First day of Christmas my Muse gave to me: ZOMBIES

It started out so innocently.
I was simply practicing sketching.
I couldn't get the eyes right.
Par for the course for me.
So I kept erasing them.
I showed my daughter 
what I had done so far.
She said "I love it,
don't change a thing, it's done".
First I thought she was nuts.
Then I thought, yeah, I like this.
Creepy. Different. 
So many variations to be had.
My muse brought me Zombie Katie Holmes.
IMO she is a talentless Zombie.
Feel free to disprove my thinking. 
Ok, that's not very compassionate of me.
I get a bad karma pass cuz
I'm a beginner Buddhist.
Not sure how long I can milk that one.

Xanax Zombie
Robot Zombie

Thank you so much for visiting 
and commenting.
Tell me what makes you a Zombie.
And how do you counteract it?
Besides Art of course.


  1. I love zombies. Is it wrong to want a one day zombie outbreak so I can shotgun zombies? Oh, nice zombie art by the way!

  2. I'm SO far behind the curve here - my name is on the internet! That's a first - now they can hunt me down and find me :-).

    First - awesome art woman. You're growing in oh so many ways.

    Second - What makes me a zombie? Four hours of sleep after an awesome party and waking up and eating four 'healthy' brownies with 'healthy' frosting and a shot of espresso. Been sitting on the sofa staring at stupid Christmas movies and surfing.......may do it alllll day. .......

    Third - Happy, Happy New Year. May 2012 be fabulous. May you be fabulous!