Monday, January 16, 2012

BOD's Mindfulness Spread

This is what 
art in bed looks like.
It's not pretty,
but it's necessary!!!
I tried to walk
without the boot today.
So, back to bed....
So below you see my supplies 
for Effy's Book of Days.
um, and some other 
supplies, as well.


Below, I am gesso'ing
out the elements in the 
2004 Art Calendar
that I don't 
"feel" for this journal page.
This spread took quite a while.
The subject here is 
all about celebrating what 
I am looking forward to 
in the upcoming year.
Not resolutions!
too much presha!!
At this point, 
I have the
tags journaled 
and stamped, 
but don't have a feel 
for the big picture yet.
Here is where I blogged 
about making the tags.
I have both white gesso
to block out images
and clear gesso to 
protect and provide
tooth for the images 
I do want to keep.
By tooth I mean
getting rid of the slickness
of the calendar page
so I can add layers of paint or ink
or GLITTER!!!!
and those layers will stick.

 Below, the gesso has dried
and I'm adding 
Adirondak Re-inkers
for color.
This is butterscotch, I think.
I used a paper towel to 
lift off some of the ink 
and that cool pattern was the result.
That's an Effy thing. 
Like shabification.
I have a hard time
with shabification.
I love color.
But, it will happen....

I decided to keep the profile of 
the face, the fish eyes
and the owl eyes.
Cuz, well eyes are what
I do for a living.
And seeing is part of 
what is required for
wisdom and art.
Very important.
Below you see the full spread.
I used a paint texture tool
for the lines.
Added some Lettuce re-inker.
So my issue was that 
some of the ink lifted when 
I sealed it with 
matte medium.
I suspected it might,
and Effy confirmed.
I let the first layer of medium dry
and added another to seal.
The second time there was 
very little movement.
I was all worried about it 
and then decided not to 
add anymore wet layers.
Ironic, no? 


Next stop is adding a
flap with tape.
I ended up just folding 
over a flap and using
heavy gel medium as a glue.
cuz, I didn't have any
masking tape in my bed!!!
I used a little pan pastels
to color up 
a stamped heart that is
I kid you not,
about 10 years old.
I don't own that stamp,
I was taking a class
from the creator of that 
line of stamps,
sorry can't remember who,
and she was soooo 
generous and let us use 
tons of them!
I knew someday the perfect 
use for that paper would
come up and it did.
I look forward to Art in 2012!
Hey, I cheated and used a color wheel.
Being untrained and what not, 
I knew I wanted to add another
color and had no clue what
would work. 
Voila, and thank you, color wheel!

 Delicious Purple!!

Now the story of the 
transparency pockets:
they are the left over from 
banners I made for my bff's 
bridal shower.
I will blog about that soon.
I punched holes and used brads
to add the pockets. 
The transparencies were ran
through my ink-jet printer
and you can see some
sheet music on the edges
which I love.
Who doesn't look forward
to music?
I love that I was able to
"use what I have".
Big goal for me for 2012.
I used a sticker library card thingy
and covered it with paper.
It is actually my freezer
catch all paper that I put under my 
paintings. The palette just matched 
so I glued it on! 
Slipped the tags in 
and glued on the 
Be Still stamped paper.
I can add more tags
under the pockets
and there is plenty 
of room to journal!

I took the opportunity
to add a couple
sentences about 
mindfulness and suffering
that are very important to me
on the outside 
of the flap. 
This piece of paper 
is also from my stash,
circa Art and Soul 2007 or 8?
I took an INCREDIBLE class
given by Albie Smith
on paste paper making.
It was HEAVEN.
teehee, you're welcome.
There is a pic of me and Albie
on my sidebar. 
We are holding the 2 books we
made in class.
I think it was a two day class.
But I don't remember 
and am too booted up to check.
I have very few pieces left of
my special paper, but I love the
purple and bronzy colors.
It was meant to be.
So, that's my 
second spread in my 
Book of Days!
Thanks for looking!

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  1. great stuff- i am enjoying watching your process/progress. too chicken to try this myself :) can't wait to see what's next!