Thursday, January 12, 2012

Effy's Book Of Days: Letters to 2011/2012

we have a spread that 
incorporates a letter we write
to the year 2011.
I think this is such an amazing idea.
We also incorporate a pocket 
for a letter to 2012.
We don't touch that until, 
um, 2012. 
This spread is the very first
in my upcycled journal.
I begin by using my favorite 
I think Heaven is an Urban Outfitters 
and the walls are all this color.
oh, and the clothes all fit...
teehee, seriously,
What I really think is that 
Heaven is Now.
Back to Art.
Now my favorite color combo
on the planet
is teal and red. 
But I wanted to say 
good bye to 2011
and greet 2012 
in a less vibrant fashion.
So, I went with teal and pink. 
A pretty, gentle, and compassionate 
meet and greet. 

In the pic below I am playing around with the layouts.I have had that PAPAYA! sticker for years! who knew the importance a lotus flower would come to have for me 
years later.
On the side is some vintage wallpaper I was lucky enough to score in a trade with another Art and Soul 
attendee.Also there are some assorted scrap booking elements left over from those days too. And the pic of the thread spools is from an old Coach catalog, believe it or not. Back in the day I cared about stuff like that. That's ok. I got my first Coach bag when I passed my State Boards, I was 26. Some of Sam's school mates
had them in second grade, but I am coming dangerously close to my what is happening to the world we live in diatribe...back to art!!!

So I'm almost ready for the glue.
For my letters I am repurposing
a thank you note from my sister, Linda.
I'm just going to write my letter
in between her writing. 
very cool. 
Since she wrote
in orange pen, 
I may just write
on top of her letters in black.
So I get to keep a little of her, too.
very, very cool.
I always loved 
the henna tattoo/paisleyish 
pattern on the notecard
and had grandiose dreams of 
tracing it and cutting it
into a rubber stamp. 
I will scan it though.
Just in case...
I have the years stamped
with one of those 
office date things.
and some stenciling
through some cool
or sequin waste. 

I also used some 
PAPAYA! tissue
Do Not Hate Me
for getting you hooked.
I am an Art Supply Enabler.
Below is a pic of spread 
without the letters in the pockets.
There are some stickers used
and a clear envelope 
from when Sam was a baby
and I was scrap booking every fart.
She's almost 18.
my "use what I have" year.
Long Overdue.
Below more
gratuitous closeups. 
Cuz I'm a closeup whore.
And there you have it,
my first ever
Art Journal spread.
and it was constructed
mostly in bed
with foot elevated.


So, my word is
I hope I can live up to it.
Thanks for looking!
PS I have no idea why
that column of text is way over to 
the side, and I'm way too tired
to fix it. Let's just all pretend
I meant to do it that way.
Thank. You.


  1. I love the thought of writing a letter to the past and to the future.

    The patterns you have chosen are quite lovely, I've always been fascinated with henna tatoos, too. :)

  2. I really enjoyed this trip through your spread. xo

  3. I love this! The papers all look great; the colours are fantastic.

  4. Hi...congrats on your first journal's lovely! I was looking at a turquoise blue and red together at another site and came here and see the blue and red together again. I think the universe is telling me that's the colors I'm to use when I redo our bedroom...I really like them. I hope you are enjoying BOD's as much as I am.