Sunday, July 8, 2012

I gotta new 'do.

And I've been having a good time
in the studio.
First I re-worked an older canvas.

 This is how far I got with this canvas originally. 
It hung on the wall
basically ignored for over a year.
I didn't consider it finished
but I wasn't inspired to 
pull it all together. 
Unil now! 
Here is the finished piece:

I added oil pastels,
more drips, stabilo pencil,
collage papers
and laid a thin glossy layer
of polymer medium on top. 
I'm calling it done! 

I was on a roll! 
On the easel is yet another
 "Can a man love two women"  
that I'm reworking.
This one started out as a black and white collage. 

(let me just mention here that I am so over this subject. I am in a healthy place right now getting healthier all the time. I don't care if men can do that. 
I'm not interested.
oh and the answer to the question is no.
 A man with two women can only love 
one person-himself.)

 The technique I began here was
cover a canvas with collage,
paint over it,
become an archeologist and go
back into the layers to reveal the images using q-tips and alcohol.
I also sprayed alcohol on and 
scrubbed with a sponge.
I also ended up doing some sanding.
This painting sat for a long time
until inspiration hit.
I wanted to use the blocking 
method and create a bunch of 
little focal points inside
of the big canvas.
Here are a bunch of
 gratuitous close-ups:

 What I learned is when
you are doing a block
pattern, you need to use a 
damn ruler so the lines are straight.
Here is the final canvas,
 I still have to pour some polymer gloss on it:

What is that saying, 
"The whole is greater than
the sum of its parts"-
Well, in this case,
I like the parts alot
 more than the whole!! 
So take my advice,
when doing a grid pattern,
use a damn ruler!!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. love the new 'do, love the completed first canvas. i hate using rulers, but you do have a point :) thanks for sharing. especially the gratuitous details shots!

  2. enjoyed this post so much...your new do suits look marvelous darlink!
    your canvas is so inspiring
    with so much depth and interest
    the close up pix are great
    you must be so pleased with how this turned out
    worth the wait and digging

    thanks so much for sharing and for inspiring me
    I am not a measurer but I hear you eventho I like the look of your canvas exactly like it is :)