Monday, June 11, 2012

A few more
work in progress
journal pages,
I may be on a roll,
inspired by some 
deep thoughts, LOL
and really, really 
inspiring junk mail.

I'm addressing some old and worn out ways of thinking.
I'm confronting all the 
myths I have about myself.
It's fuckin awesome.
Exhausting but awesome.

As the pages fill up 
I'll share with you all the
fun embellishments.
This is basically my 
"glue book". 
I won't be using any liquid 
mediums in it. I don't want 
the pages to buckle.
I am finally genuinely 
understanding how 
art journaling works.
It's all about purging!!
I'm using papers left over 
from scrap booking 
Sam's childhood.
It is such a great feeling
to use what you have. 
Just to give you an idea of how old some of the papers are, 
here is Samantha now:

And Wednesday night she
graduates from high school!
I don't have the words to 
describe this milestone
so I won't even try.

The silver bird flies
over the autumn lake.
When the silver bird has past,
The lake does not try
and hold onto the
reflection of the bird.

Fly on Samantha.

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