Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Artist Bio

Here is the artist bio I've come up with the help of my bff Grace. I'll need to have these as hand outs for the show!

Susan Sager Brown began life as an Air Force “brat” and has lived across the United States, putting down roots in southern New Jersey as a teenager when The Colonel retired. A Licensed Optician by trade, Susan has long been involved in the arts, beginning with the traditional quilts sewn by her grandmother and mother. Although a passion for needle and thread did not carry down through the generations, the hoarding habit did. Unlike her mother and grandmother though, Susan hoards paper, not fabric.
A self-taught artist, Susan has been fortunate to have spent workshop time with Misty Mawn, Michelle Ward, Lynn Perrella, Albie Smith, Traci Bautista, Fred B. Mullett, Anne Grgich, Jodi Ohl and Seth Apter.  Her mediums range from wools and knitting needles to acrylic paint, gel mediums, and vintage as well as her own handmade papers.
The flattened thirds and swinging eights of the quintessential American art form, the Blues, play a significant influence on Susan’s work. Her art consists of multi-textural compositions that tell of love and pain, heartache and triumph, but always show you a good time. Susan hoards words and phrases as well as paper, and vintage text capturing an emotional moment in time can be seen often in her work. 
Susan is a resident of Mount Laurel along with her cat Buddy Guy and her daughter, a college freshman, who is on the way to finding her own passion to hoard. 

I'm so excited!
 thanks for sharing this
amazing experience with me!


  1. This is awesome! Wishing you the very best! :)

  2. Awesome ! Love the picture it paints !

  3. very nice! i bet your show just rocks! wish i could some see it!