Friday, November 9, 2012

A Good Time Was Had By All

It's true!
The artist reception at 
was a Good Time!
I'm so honored I was
asked to participate!
There was a great crowd!
The show was well supported
    by the gallery partners!  
These first two pics
are from hanging day.
     I learned a lot that day!    

I love the reds in 
Tracy's art! 
I used my grandmothers
picnic basket to display
prints of my ATC's.
Some got chuckles...
and some went over like 
a fart in church.
Art is in the eye of 
the beholder.
And sometimes that eye is 
open to twisted humor,
and sometimes it's only 
open to classical fine art.
And that's A OK.
I was asked questions about my art which was really fun.
I met some wonderful new people
and was grateful to be 
supported by my family
and local friends,
Denise, Donna, Ellen, 
Chris, Debbie and Bill,
and by my Art Sisters,
JoAnne, Jacquie, and Marge.
Your support made my night!!
    Thank you so much!    
  Below are two 
equally amazing pieces 
Above and below the mantel:
Tracy's Snake Charmer
and Kathy's mosaic altar.
My picture does not do
either justice! I am
looking forward to seeing 
pics taken by Tracy's sister.
  My cell phone pics are lame!!     

My lovely sparkly scarf,
an early Birthday present
from my sister, Linda!

More Gorgeous
Mosaic clayworks from

I always get a pic
of the food table!!
This is a side room off the gallery, with more original art
and prints and cards
sold by the gallery partners.

These are my two walls
with titles and price tags.
Principle Architect sold!  

My two helpers
and biggest supporters!
Samantha and Jeremy!!

Thank you to 
Home Fine Art Gallery
and the gracious partners,
special thanks to
for giving me this
dream come true experience!
Thank you to Kathy Casper
for your support 
 and for baking outrageous vegan
mexican chocolate cookies! 
  Thank you to my friends 
and family and the browsers
and buyers! 
For anyone who missed 
the reception,
the show will hang
until November 30.
Please visit and do some
holiday shopping!
    Buy Local!     
Buy Handmade!
Support the Arts!  
Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Looks like a great show and your art looks marvelous.