Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ArtTechniques Skinny Book Page

I'm participating in my arttechniques yahoo group's skinny book page swap. There are 25 artists playing with the theme "Summer". I was much inspired by the Sea during my vacation with my heart to the Outer Banks, NC. Not long thereafter, I happened upon this quote by author Jill Davis: "The Waves of the Sea help bring Me back to Me. " Fell in love with those words. This page was easy with all that inspiration floating around. The skinny pages are 4"x7" and will be bound in the upper left hand corner. I began with watercolor paper and a color wash:

Here are the colorwash ingredients along with water:
Next step was creating texture by layering papers and using bubble wrap:
Next step, sea sponging along the edges with Golden's Iridescent Bronze Fine paint. I'm totally addicted to this paint. When you add water to make a wash the colors seperate and you get different effects on your paper. oooooooaaaaaa.

Here are the buggers laying out to dry:
My next step was adding sticker letters. In the spirit of Using What I Have, I raided my old scrapbook supplies (egads, keep that on the DL) and found lots and lots and lots of letters. I mixed and matched and was able to finish all the pages without having to buy any!! woohoo. I played around with techniques, on some I added stickers, used rubnbuff in turquoise and white, added white gel pen outlines, on some I used the letters as masks:

added a little white gel pen for definition:

Thats all for now! stay tuned for the unfolding of my skinny page!

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