Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun with Cabinet Cards

Last Sunday I got lost in my favorite local antique store. I found some great faces on a couple of cabinet cards. I have several cards already but haven't been able to make myself alter them. It seems sacrilegious in a way. The hell with it, I went for it this week. My Heart was away and I had time to play. My first step was applying several layers of gel medium to the central figures on the card. After drying, I added gesso to the backgrounds. I didn't scan them before altering, oops.

I started with the female figure. I had no idea where I was going with this, so I began by digging through my paper stash looking for ideas and inspiration. Lo and behold after several hours flew by, I came up with this:

I really like this one. Not bad for a virgin effort. I used stencils, stamps, german scrap, rub n buff, magazine images, acrylics, corner tag, metal corner, dictionary entry, plastic sticker thing for brooch.
I've also started a 9 piece ATC series inspired by a White Stripe's song. Here is a sneak peak:

Also been playing around with Inchies, these should be done and posted by this weekend:
And an honorable mention goes to these 2 pieces that I've also been working on:
The above one is almost done. Below needs a lot more attention.
I have to wrap these projects up this week or set them aside, because I've commited to a 25 page skinny book due August 1. Can't wait to start it!


  1. i love cabinet cards too. they are so melancholy - almost sad in many ways. i believe by altering them you have given them a new, happier life.

  2. Susan~ I luv, luv, luv the altered cabinet card....
    I would feel the same way when I would start the ALTERING part~like these were real people, with real relatives. Why don't they have these photos, and why do I have them, and now I am painting on them...okay, you get the idea.
    But, this was a very clever alteration my dear =) ILOVEIT!