Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aw Shucks......

I have been given an award by Marsha from Tumblefish Studio:

Thank you Marsha, right back at ya!!!

And in the Spirit of Friendship, Sisterhood, Sharing and Caring, I am passing it on to ALL the gals in my blogroll!!! You all Rock!! Special Honors, however, go to PaulaBeth from BarnOwl Studio. Beth has been a very generous friend to share her experiences and life lessons with me. Did you ever have a friend that with just a word or two, pulls your head out of your hiney, and makes you go, OH DUH!!! Well, that's Beth!! Here are the first 2 of 3 ATC's that are for Beth and Inspired by Her Words:

I still haven't purchased an Epson printer compatable with doing alcohol transfers and Apollo 7039. In a way that is a good thing, because I am having a great time playing with my stamps. You can't tell by the scan, but on "Letting Go", the bird body and tail is not attached to the background. The headpiece is a scan of vintage marcasite jewelry that I pimped up with embossing powder. The Backgrounds on both ATC's are my hand painted papers. "Life Is In Session" also has scrapbook paper, mica and an image from my Italian playing cards. Now, I'm off to finish the third one in this series.....xoSusan


  1. Nice atcs...I love the ideas of series...the continuity...
    PS Oh lord I'm lookin to the left at Javier Bardem and baby he's lookin at me!

  2. Congrats on the well deserved award, Susan ! Your stamp play is just awesome - loving the depth and "moody" colors of these ATCs.
    Happy Monday !
    BTW - Javier is looking at ME !;)

  3. You deserve all the gold stars I can give you! I love these ATC's! They are beautiful! But, I want to lecture you - I see the neatness going on here. Neatness is good if you enjoy working that way, but I rather like the expressive quality of messiness since it is hard for me to work that way. So don't give up messiness altogether if you can do it. Graphic design is all about lining things up and balance and neatness and that is so ingrained in me. I wish I could be more expressive. Anyway, however you work or decide to work, I love everything you make! You have an edge about you, a bravery in your work that I truly admire!

    Did you get Zazzle to work? I called you probably way too late last night. Sorry! Really! I was thinking you were on a one hour time difference but I realize now it is MORE than that! I promise, no more late night messages!


  4. Yes Yes Yes. I love this new direction you are taking. It has your signature style, but I can see how much more thought is going into the whole look. Good job Susan.
    I don't know who Javier is, but he looks nice.


  5. Congrats on the award Susan! Well deserved:) I love your expressive stamping on these ATC's. Oh, and like everyone else has said....that really cute guy Javier keeps looking at me and I have to go now...............