Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Blog Love

In celebration of TumbleFishStudios ONE YEAR Blog Anniversary, I cleaned my ENTIRE Downstairs. We are talking mopping too. I am tired and cranky now, but this Art Montage will snap even the grumpiest guss out of their Funk:

I know I should have done something more exciting to celebrate, but Marsha is a woman, a wife, a mom, an Artist, a devoted blog friend to many, a housekeeper and chef (except on Tuesdays, teehee) and much more and well, I know she would appreciate Doing What I Keep Putting Off as a form of Celebration!!! I like the frames, so far. They were not a big investment, cuz, well, those days are So Over, and they were on sale at Target. The top and bottom frames I left empty. I was thinking of getting some wooden M's and maybe a TFS for the bottom and painting them black and nailing them to the wall inside the frames. Or better yet, I can try and convince Marsha to create and sell some 4x6 Horizontal work. But, I think that is too much to ask. I think they look kinda cool empty too. Now all I need is a cool black futon up against the wall so I can enjoy my little fireplace with a Hot Toddy. Just a reminder the piece on the left is called "The Giver" and I purchased it on Marsha's etsy site. I tried to buy the "Finding Love" piece but some other weenie got it first, so Marsha was a saint and sent me a print of it, that is the middle piece. Above and Below are two postcards she generously included in my order. The piece on the right is ME Fairyfied. One of the top 10 Best Ever things that has happened to me was being Fairyfied by Divine Miss Marsha. Oh my God, when getting the etsy link I saw Marsha has limited edition prints for sale now.....oh, hell, I'm gonna need a bigger wall. xoSusan


  1. Wow! . . .you even MOPPED?! Ok, I REALLY need to get off this computer and get started with my purging and reorganizing task ahead this weekend! Sheeeesh

  2. You really are working..The wall looks great...
    And mopped also that is a big thing. LOL

  3. Oh my goodness! I had your blog open on my computer all day and popped by now and then throughout the day as I cleaned (too!) and did laundry, etc. Then got caught up in the goings on with the family and the car shopping thing and I missed it before you are probably in bed by now. Let me tell you I am floored! (which is kinda funny given that you mopped floors and I did too). Holy cow, my friend. I cannot remember the last time anyone made me feel so special. I am flabbergasted with the gushing (and cleaning) and let me tell you everybody needs some gushing now and then and you made up for what I was missing and more. You really and truly made me feel wonderful tonight and I will never forget that - a very special moment for me. I am so touched. You know you are my soul sister and you love me even when I am bad about blogging (but I'll be back on my game soon). That's a sure sign of a good friend, forgiving and allowing for inconsistent contact. Sunday and Monday I am blog visiting and catching up all day. Anyway, I think about you everyday and am so thankful I met you - you are one of those people I was meant to know whether you liked my work or not - we connect on a lot of levels and I so wish we lived closer. I will be blogging about your post here in a couple of days. I will make some horizontal pieces with you in mind and at least send some limited edition prints.

    One last thing, every time I looked at your blog I noticed the picture of you in the upper right corner and every time thought you truly do look like "Venus". You made the perfect Venus. Love you and thank you (the words don't even cover it)!