Saturday, September 26, 2009

Journal Pages

I spent almost 7 hours outside painting yesterday. I have one sunburnt arm to show for it along with many journal pages in various degrees of completion. I think it was one of the most heavenly days I have spent here on earth, blue sky, breeze, trees, silence and paint. I have a screw post album in which the pages are office folder material. Whatever that is. Added Gesso in several layers, marked it, added stamps and paper or leaves, a couple even dried enough to paint. The layers of Gesso give the pages the feel of supple thin leather. I'm quite pleased with the durablity factor.
The first one is Mouldy Wall. I made a lot of texture with Gesso, added some Glimmer Mist, Walnut ink spray and Adirondack spray paint. In my mind I was creating as if I was doing Layers in Photoshop. Weird, huh?

The next one is 26:

Pages are from Wuthering Heights, a Wells Fargo reproduction catalog and some Walnut Ink, drybrushed Gesso and cheesecloth. Last one is Copper Leaves:
Acrylics over Gesso texture, skeleton leaves. I just love the abandon of creating backgrounds. The pressure is on when it's time to fill them up! This is my first foray into Journaling. I'll keep you posted. xoSusan


  1. no no no, not weird!! i have been playing with "layers" inspired by photoshop layers (which I don't know how to do yet) since last winter!!! love it! love your pages, sounds like you had the kind of day i had today! spent the morning playing.....

    i love the gesso +skeleton

  2. I love each of your pages Susan! I agree with you about the lack of pressure when you create much fun. I really like your 26 piece.