Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Friend Andre

I am still not used to the way friendships can develop staring at this computer screen and exploring everything the internet has to offer. For example, when struggling with inkjet transfer issues I have posted about, uh, well too often, I guess, I went to the best resourse I know of, my yahoo inkjet transfer group, hosted by Lesley Riley. I searched the threads for a solution and found my friend, Andre. I emailed him off list to pick his brain because some of his concerns were similiar to mine. In return I received a prompt, friendly email along with several attachments of photos of his Art. Andre's Art is amazing, unique, original and downright beautiful. I don't think he'll mind if I show you one of his amazing pieces:

Hot and Spicy by Andre. Copyright Andre.
Lo and Behold I discovered that Andre does not blog. He is a master at Photoshop/transfers/painting/telling an amazing story, but not at blogging. So we embarked on a Blog Journey together. I set up a blog for him, and customized it with his Art for the background and he customized one of his canvases for the header. It was a frustrating but rewarding experience for us both. I know a little bit more about html now, and if I continue in this vein, I could very well customize an entire blog. I spent a lot of time learning thru trial and error. Andre has graciously helped me with Photoshop and generously shared information about transfering. We have had long phone conversations about life, love and Art. As a matter of fact after sharing some of his life stories with me, I came up with the title of his blog, Aftermath. I am dying to tell you why, but that is Andre's story. Please visit his blog, say hello, and tell him Susan sent ya. Ask him to post more photos of his Art. Tell him his Blog Teacher wants to know where the slide show is......teehee......xoSusan
PS. I became absolutely obsessed with building Andre's blog. Now I am obsessed with learning Photoshop. I smell a lot of changes for my Art on the horizon utilizing this amazing tool. I have an excellent book, recommended by Andre, called Teaching Yourself Photoshop CS Visually. Although it is wonderful, I am just not "getting" it. So I have signed up for a class with Creative Workshops. So far I have only watched the beginning video's. The next step is Layering. YEEHAW!! I am in a stage in which I am decluttering and learning. I spent 5 hours yesterday cleaning out my garage. Now I can start purging dressers and drawers and make room for the supplies I really use. My studio has been in a shambles for awhile and I am spending my time right now cleaning and learning to make way for the next phase of creating. This is an exciting time for me personally, but probably makes for very boring blog reading. I will be posting new work, probably pics of my fledgling digital creations. Be patient with me. Art is on the Horizon. And my Horizon is Expanding. It's all Good. xoxoSusan


  1. Off to check out your cool sounding friend. Expanding horizons can only be a great thing for one's art, I say ! I leave for 4 days in Squam NH to expand mine own in 10 days! And yes, I am counting !!!!
    Enjoy the rest of the long weekend !

  2. Just got back from a quick visit to Andre's blog. Looks GRRRR-eat! Hugs, Terri

  3. This is a wonderful piece and I wish your friend good-bloging! Sounds like you both learned a lot- that's what its all about!

  4. We all need friends and you are a perfect friend to help and then you are blessed with a friend who can teach you photoshop..I am going over to look at his blog..
    I love your blog..

  5. Where do you get all the energy? Your an amazing women Susan. I will be waiting with antisipation for your new digital art. I know it will be awesome. I happy that I get to peek in on your life, and gleen from your experiences. Thanks for being there.


  6. Wow, you are my SHEro! HTML AND learning Photoshop? Yep, you're the WOMAN *smiles*. Ok, gotta run and see your handiwork.