Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm So Over Charms

I'm going to finish my last set of wine charms for my family. Then, I am DONE. The last ones I did that were not going to family, bubbled badly. I think DG3 sucks. There I said it. That said, I could have bizarre humidity in my studio or put too heavy of a layer in the cap, but, I Just Don't Care Anymore. Too much good paper, book words, computer ink, time and my sanity have been spent to no avail. Yeah, I'm a bit of a perfectionist too. I can't give second rate gifts to my bloggy friends. Just Can't Do It.

Here are my sister Linda's charms in progress. The collage elements are not Modge Podged in yet, nor has the DG3 been administered. (like medicine, get it? teehee.) My sister and her husband are enamoured of all things Italian, as am I. The difference between us is they both speak the language fluently, have vacationed there many times, and plan on moving there permanently in about 5 years. Thank goodness you can't see me, cuz I am positively GREEN with envy.

In Italian, Baci means Kisses. Amore is Love. Duh. Formosa means Buxom. Bella means Beautiful. Abbracci means Hugs. Piccante means Spicy. These words describe my sister to a T. teehee. Ti Amo.xoSusan


  1. So sorry to hear that you've maxxed out on your charms! Live and learn, I always say! LOL! But, hey, you gave it a really good "go" and I'm sure you DO have some great ones. Ti Amo, Bella! xoxoxo Terri :)

  2. i just bought some ice resin to use in bezels, maybe that would work better for your charms...i did some stuff a long time ago with DG and i didn't like it either...i'll let you know how the ice resin your comics frame, by the way...