Sunday, November 15, 2009

Medieval Mixed Bag

I took a much needed break from Charm Chicanery and Dabbled in the Middle Ages. WAAAY before DG3 was invented. teehee. I worked on two more Armored Men for the Manuscript:

He's not glued in yet. I have to find a very beautiful male face to add. I just love the crackle stamp on the Armor. I used my fav embossing powder color, Marcasite, and watercolor markers to color the cross. On this page I also used Portfolio Oil Pastels to color in the Maiden.
The next spread is Armored Man after the Skirmish, and it's not pretty.

I purchased the digital anatomical 1" circle collage sheet from Piddix on etsy. I love creepy anatomy illustrations. You probably know that by now. teehee.
I also bought the Most Gorgeous digital collage sheets on etsy from Itkupilli. They are simply scrumptious. Marsha from TumblefishStudio turned me on to Itkupilli. There is NO Turning Back Now!! By the way, Marsha has some magical collage sheets for sale on etsy. Good Luck in your New Venture Divine Miss Marsha!!
Here is an ATC background with an Itkupilli image transferred with alcohol and Apollo trans 7039. The substrate is illustration board, which I adore. I did a watercolor wash over top the transfer:
Couldn't you just eat that with a spoon???? teehee. Anyhoo, being in a Medieval Mindset and all, I added another Crackle Stamped and Embossed Armored Man and since he is nothing but a ghost, some stamped, embossed wings.
He's not glued down yet. Not sure what words I'm going to add yet, have a couple ideas running around. And yeah, they're all creepy. teehee. xoSusan

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  1. **big sigh** I'm afraid that I'm as frustrated with transfers as you are with charms, Susan! Needless to say, I'm pea green with envy over yours! Love this guy. Reminds me of one of the most interesting people I've ever met - The guy was a curator and armour restoration specialist at one of the NY Metropolitan Museum. Pretty cool! Hugs, Terri xoxo