Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just Gotta Share

I subscribe to a newsletter put out by Lisa Vollrath Of Ten Two Studios. Lisa carries a wonderful assortment of collage sheets and ephemera for the mixed media artist in her shop. I can vouch for the quality of products and the good service she provides. And no, I have no affiliation, altho a groupies discount would be nice. teehee. Anyway, my favorite part of her newsletter is a section called "Eye Candy". Here she introduces artists blogs and websites to visit. I have never been disappointed in her recommendations. I have been enchanted and inspired, and yes, horribly, horribly jealous. teehee. I have to share the work of one of my new favorites that I am compelled to stalk. teehee. I obtained her permission to link and blog about her. She is Shannon Rankin of Selflesh. Her work is crisp, concise, unbelievably detailed and I am completely in love with it. Check this out:

Visit Shannon's Website and blog, Selflesh. You'll get to see her studio and watch little videos showing the time consuming and precise hanging of some of her Amazing work in a gallery. Her work is just Too Cool. xoSusan

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  1. Very very very cool. Thanks for sharing the treasures !