Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GPP Crusade #41 Grid Lock

What better way to launch a new journal than with one of Michelle Ward's Crusades?? I went shopping in my studio and found this journal again. teehee. I love the size, smaller than my other journal, I will flip back and forth depending on what I'm feeling each Crusade needs creatively.

I love paper. Paper is my crack. I was in fits of joy when I refound this journal. The feel, smell and taste of the page. HA! caught you. You weren't paying attention. teehee. No, I don't eat or smoke paper.

When I read Michelle's guidelines, my mind immediately went to Inchies. I can't work a ruler well and I am a solid D student in geometry so I just went with the inchies as a grid. I try and cut inchies from left over homemade paste paper as I go along, so I had a sandwich bag full ready to create with. Love that. So here I am playing with the inchie layout:

Designing the Inchies:

And the finished spread, scanned:
And the truth is that this Crusade was due last month, so I am very, very tardy. But it's summer and I think Michelle will forgive me. There were vacations and colonoscopies involved. (1 polyp, precancerous, removed and damned to hell, and Sea Isle City. In case you were wondering, I had more fun at the beach, teehee.) Hope all is well with you. xoSusan


  1. You have really created a wonderful spread with inchies! I have trouble creating in such a small space. Glad you had a nice vacation despite the unpleasant procedure you had done.

  2. Yay Susan, you are back! Happy to have you share with us your pages for C41, regardless of timing. Thanks for sharing, especially the process from painted squares to completed inchies. Fun to see how you finished and arranged them. Whew! You've had alot going on. Take a deep breath and then get in gear this weekend and start stripping *wink*

    In your team comment you mentioned NJ. I'm willing....just need a location! Would love to play together :)

  3. Well that's just too fun, Inchies huh, never heard of them. Oh the possiblities. I love the color scheme and the whole thing.

    We need to catch up.

  4. Wow, your inchies make an awesome journal spread! Sounds like you've had one busy summer! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Wow, this is absolutely fantastic. And I love inchies, so I doubley love this.

  6. Well, you're not the only one - I have just put in a entry for C.41, I'm working backwards!!
    What a great idea to use inchies and they fit your journal so well. You have created a wonderful spread!