Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GPP Crusade #42 Strip Ease

Okay, for this Crusade I'ma gonna be ona time-a!!! I am on a roll with this and the last Crusade. I really love both assignments. And I ADORE visiting all the Artist's sites and seeing how each player "translates" the Crusade. If you are a Crusader and come to visit here, please leave a comment, I would love to meet you!! As Michelle says "How Cool Is That???"

So, I turn the page in my new journal and start stripping, eeeek, God Forbid, I mean ripping.
Playing with Color:

Dag, that Yes glue is WAY STICKY. I don't usually create at my coffee table, but I was in the mood to watch some TV. Ripping is sooooo fun and low stress that I could multi-task. Most of the time I'm in my studio with the tunes cranked and couldn't follow a TV show if my life depended on it. I'm addicted to TrueBlood on HBO. Anyone else??? It's my guilty little secret. Oh, well, it was anyway!
I read ALL the books before it came out on TV. They are excellent but very different from the show. Jusy sayin.

Here is the spread, without journalling, scanned:
I let the pictures do the talking in my last journal spread, this time I need to purge some thoughts in writing. In order to not cover up the spread, which I love, especially the paint palette pieces I ripped with dried clumps of paint on them, I fashioned 2 pages with transparencies. I certainly have enough mistakes laying around, and transparencies are too expensive to waste. These are goofs from BroknHearted Venus, which I haven't completed yet. I'm bouncing around project wise these days. I used Sharpie for the journalling. I left one side blank to fill in after the results of my tests. I have to swallow a camera and the camera will take pics of my small intestine. It's a lot cleaner test than the colonoscopy. teehee. I left a transparency tab on the page for labeling at a later date. If I labelled it now it would be highly terrified and negative, like I'm Fucked, or something to that effect. teehee. I like the faint shell images with this spread, adds to the earthy, basic, natury feel to the colors and subject. Which I guess, is fear about our natural bodies, or states of being. I didn't start out with this subject in mind, it just came out. Which is the whole point of Art Journalling, no? Okay, I'm starting to sound like an ass, I'm shutting up now:

Thanks, Michelle for the inspiration and learnin. And I'm searching for a Venue so you can teach in NJ. I guess my little townhouse won't cut it!!! teehee. xoSusan


  1. Great journal pages. I love the colours in your strips and how you have journalled on top of them to make an integrated whole. fabulous!

  2. Susan - you are rolling girl! Two crusades in one week! Love seeing your in-front-of-the-tv work space filled with supplies. (I haven't latched onto True Blood yet). The painted scraps make for terrific strips. Great composition and VERY CLEVER to plant a transparency over top to get in your journaling. Bravo for getting so much work done this week. Thanks for sharing with the team!

    I'm searching in NJ too. Will let you know.

  3. A True Blood fan huh? Well, we all have our little vices ;-) I'll tell you what, vampire fiction has done wonders for my libraries issue stats LOL.
    I really like what you've done, good on you for using the transparencies, and you're right, way too costly to waste! I love that some papers stick out over the page, much more interesting that way.

  4. Excellent layout - I was a little scared with the tearing bit too... well done!

  5. Wow, that is one cool cover! I love how it evolved, from just strips to ultra-cool, written-on cover art! Seeing all the street-team work is a great road trip. And I love True Blood, too. Although I'm thinking it may have jumped the shark last season. We'll see.

  6. I really like this. All the colors melding, the patterns, the journaling on top and especially the transparencies. wow!

  7. The page ? Awesome ! The fears ? Understandable and hard. I have a feeling that it will take a lot more than one precancerous bump in the road to knock you down, Beautiful Tough One. I think you are going to art that fear and dis-ease away !!!! More power to you(us!)...oh and a whole lotta a big LOVE.

    (PS - I loved the Sookie Sackhouse books !!!! The show is not quite up to par with the books for me (don't like the Bill actor much myself - too stiff (tee-hee!)!)but I so agree with having as many little secret feel-goods as possible, and fuck the guilt part ! Especially ones that don't have any added fat to them !Here' to 'em, girlfriend !)

  8. OMG Kim!

    Who knew you could say "fuck" on a blog comment! Loving it.....

    Awesome art SSB - hey - if you bring Michelle to NJ then maybe that can replace Vegas? Keep me posted.

  9. Fantastic all that torn paper!

  10. Oooh I love the peeking Frida face in this! happy creations from germany, tj