Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't Mess With Mother Nature

New canvas. New Recipe. 
ink jet images printed onto
Apollo transparency film,
 acid free tissue paper,
A bottle that sprays a fine mist 
filled with 70% isopropyl alcohol, 
acrylic paint, canvas,
collage images. 

Thoroughly spray the ink side of the image on the transparency sheet with the alcohol spray. Not dripping wet, just covered. Lay the image sprayed side down on the tissue. Lightly press image with a bone folder just to make sure image is in full contact with tissue. This step isn't even necessary every time, most of the time the tissue just sucks the ink right into it. Wait like 3 minutes, and pull up a corner to see if ink has transferred. If it has, pull off the transparency sheet. It should be clear. Below you can see how clear the sheet is when the transfer works perfectly.

Below is the 8x10 canvas collaged  with images from my stash and painted with Golden's heavy body paint. I thought it was too shiny, so I covered it with matt gel medium. Big mistake. Along the way I added glossy Soft gel medium and I liked it again!

Fooling around here with possible compositions.

And here is the finished collage:
"Mother Nature"

Prints available on my etsy site. 
Thanks for looking!


  1. I love it! Especially the last piece! Keep up the great work, Susan!

  2. really nice! i was thinking that i need to get out of my caulk transfer rut and here is another nudge to do just that. rats!

  3. Hello...I was just blog hopping (some what of an addiction for me lately), and I came across your blog. What fun! Lots to indulge in here.
    I'm mostly a watercolor artist, but I've been exploring mixed media lately. I also make unusual jewelry.
    Hope you'll stop by my blog when you can.
    Take care,
    Linda L