Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Robert Johnson No Rock and Roll

Go watch this amazingly illustrated short video about Blues Great Robert Johnson. 
The illustrator is 
Christopher Darling.
Do it NOW. 
Robert Johnson was born May 8.
If he was still alive he would be 100 years old this year. 
Learn this history of music, It's your history too.
Honor the Beginning.
The Legends who started it all,
but got so little of the credit
deserve your attention.
Can someone help me off my soapbox now?? 
Thanks for indulging me.


  1. I love Robert Johnson. We have the box set of every recording he made--the history is fascinating and frankly, I have watched every special there has been on TV that has tried to find where he actually is laid to rest, and of course, where the *crossroads* are. (or were, as the route has changed)
    Now I have to watch the video....I'm on a short leash today, so it may be a bit later.
    Thanks for remembering Robert Johnson; it is a surprise to see someone who still remembers him.


  2. Anne,I had no idea you were a Blues Whore too ! LOL too cool for words!! The movie is short and illustrated cleverly, when you get a chance you will enjoy it. I feel very strongly about honoring Blues Legends and supporting new Blues Artists. I’m afraid if I found the crossroads......I would sell my soul too.....perhaps the location better left a mystery.....teehee