Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Online Portrait and Paper Class

I have shared and shown
on this blog
I have no natural drawing talent. 
I bravely
showed my work from Misty Mawn's class. 
It was plebeian but meant well. teehee. 
Several of you left very supportive comments and I still thank you for that. 
In an attempt to create some drawing skills where next to none exist, 
I signed up for an on line class called Portraits and Paper given by GrittyJane.
I discovered GrittyJane on fb, thru Keli Hanson's Talc page.
Keli I met years ago at Art and Soul in Virginia. 
I kept up with Keli's blog and now fb!! 
BTW friend me on fb!!
I won't bother you, I just love to see pics of works in progress, or hear tell of artful happenings. 
I digress, yet again....
Charcoal drawings: 

I learned so much from this first class, featuring 'front lighting'. Besides Misty's portrait workshop, Gritty Jane's is my first drawing class. I am up to lesson 2, but have done each lesson many times. Even tho my drawings were awful in Misty's class, I will never forget her encouragement and her advice to practice, practice, practice. So that is what I'm doing! 
My second attempt at front lighting, we are drawing from our heads not pictures, I tried to make this drawing look male:

My eyes are pretty terrible but I am working on it! Learning the rules of proportion has been invaluable. I had no idea!
Here are more lighting excercises:

I know, she's got crazy eyes.....

and more front lighting practice:

So there you have it, that's what I've been up to. 
What's in your sketchbook?


  1. LOVE it. especially the front lighting ones :)

  2. drawing is over-rated :) but it's a skill that can be acquired...if one wants to practice.....which always sounds like a great idea but is way harder in reality, so good for you for working on it! it scares me.