Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Black and White and Green All Over

My fav part of the process. 
The background collage.
In my mind's eye I was thinking 
black, white and lime green. 
Wait till you see what I ended up with. 
Completely not black white and lime green.

See!! I told you!! I love drips! 
I am a drippy dame. 
Layers of paint, stencils and assorted blobs.
Now the fun part:
Using alcohol and a cotton swab,
unveiling parts of the collage underneath.
What I have so far:
Living with 
the work in progress 
for inspiration:
Next post will be about that 
bird painting in upper right corner.
I had a summer with productive spurts
combined with sluggishness!
I finished my parent's painting,
The Orb.
Here I am with my baby, with mixed feelings.
Happy and Proud of what I created
but sick to death of it!!
Kind of like parenting
a kid who is about to turn 18
The long view without
my noggin in the middle. 
Thanks for looking, visiting and
May the Muse Be With You.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love seeing this! you are inspiring me to get off the computer and MAKE something! You have come so far in your journey and each new thing you create and each new thing you try is so empowering and impressive to me. I am in awe! Cannot wait to see your green devolve to show more underneath - fascinates me to no end. And, I can't wait to know more about the bird piece!

  2. OMG~~I loved the collage before anything was done! (Does that make me bad????)
    Love your painting too, head or no head. Looks great!
    I am feeling like my Muse is on the train, riding home.


  3. So glad the muse is hanging with you ! Love where you went with the new piece too. Yummy greens...
    I hope you September is a great one, Miss Susan !

  4. It all just looks so fabulous!! You have been busy and I must say I really like the large scale of the parents painting.

  5. you are so brave to paint over all of that collage work! OMG, can i call yu for moral suppport? can't wait to see where it ges! nice job on the folk's paintng, too

  6. love the work you are sat behind, i like how the colours and lines interact, its a sunset over a wave. Also i was fascinated by ATC, id never heard of it before.

  7. Thank you fellow Artists and friends for your kind comments! Anne and MK, my daughter felt the same way: NOOOOO mom, don't paint over it? can i have it? um NO!!! teehee.And Anne, I hope your Muse is home!!! Thank you girlunwinding and sundersartwork, that painting was a labor of love for my parents. Marsha, thank you, means sooooooo much coming from YOU as well!! you and Kim are going to like how much green disappears soon, very soon! just not enough hours in the day! Much love and May the Muse be With YOU!!!xoS

  8. This is nice I never looked at art like this before. My eye for art is so different now. thank you